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A-Rod Involved in Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson Cat Fight

Sorry if you are one of my regular readers who is not into this thing, but I just found this too funny to pass up. Apparently, the NY Post is reporting this, Cameron Diaz is only dating Alex Rodriguez to … Continue reading

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Alex Rodriguez vs. Dallas Braden: Who Can Be the King of the Hill?

Alex Rodriguez: Age 34: 585 career home runs, .305 career batting average, 3-time MVP Dallas Braden: Age 26: 14-21 career, 4.68 career ERA Rodriguez off Braden career: 3-6, HR On Thursday, Alex Rodriguez hit a single off Dallas Braden. Robinson … Continue reading

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Barry Bonds Rears His Massive Head

One of the nice things about this baseball season is that the steroids subject has been a relatively unimportant issue. The system that the MLB has in place may not be stringent enough but it gets the job done. Congress … Continue reading

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Hilarious Rendition of 2009 Yankees Batting Stances

Exactly what the title says. ┬áSome of these are absolutely perfect (Mark Teixeira one). (Click on the headline to watch the video). Batting Stances: 2009 Yankees Which ones did you like the most? [Hat tip to WasWatching for posting it … Continue reading

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