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Pictures CC Sabathia’s wife Amber Sabathia

Here are pictures of CC Sabathia's wife, Amber Sabathia. Looks like she's losing some weight along with CC.

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Pictures of Eric Chavez’s wife Alex Chavez

I could only find one picture of Eric Chavez's wife Alex Chavez. There are a few pictures on the internet that claim to be her, but from the information I can gather most of those are actually Mark Kotsay's wife. So here is the one picture of Alex Chavez available. She's posing on the right with ...

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Pictures of David Aardsma’s wife Andrea Aardsma

Up next on our series of Yankees' wives and girlfriends is David Aardsma's wife Andrea Aardsma.

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Pictures of Nick Swisher’s wife Joanna Garcia

Next is Nick Swisher's wife, actress Joanna Garcia. She goes by Garcia Swisher now it appears. She became famous in a lot of shows and movies I've never seen with the most popular being Gossip Girl.  

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Pictures of Robinson Cano and Iron Man, Spider-man, and the Hulk

Because I like Robinson Cano and comic books here are some pictures of Cano visiting Marvel Comics. There are a few more. Here is a link.

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Photo: the Yankees wearing 1912 throwback jerseys

Here is a photo of the Yankees wearing their 1912 throwback jerseys. I think they look pretty good and would love it if the Yankees and Red Sox could wear them throughout the entire season. I'd even settle for this entire weekend. Anyway, at least we can enjoy it today. Here are some photos if you ...

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Yankees 2012 spring training pictures

Here are some of the sights of the Yankees at spring training. I believe this is the first time I've seen Rafael Soriano smile in a Yankee uniform.  

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Photo of the Day: Hipster-Rod

Why did they call Alex Rodriguez a lightning rod for years? Because he doesn't even have to do anything to generate news sometimes. Like the time he took pictures topless in Central Park, or the time he took those weird pictures of him kissing himself in the mirror, or the time Cameron Diaz fed him ...

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