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Pictures of the Yankees Rookie Hazing


It's a tradition that at the end of each year team's dress their rookies up in some silly get-up. There is usually a theme to it too and this year's theme was 80's musicians. So Dellin Betances and Andrew Brackman dressed up as Milli Vanilli, George Kontos as George Michaels, Hector Noesi ...

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Photos of the Yankees Clinching the AL East

I thought some people might enjoy these. There are 21 in total I believe. If you are having trouble making out who some of the players are and would like to know comment at the bottom and I'll try to help you.

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No-Show at the All-Star Game, Jeter with Minka in Miami


Barely a week off a DL stint for a calf injury, Derek Jeter decided to skip this year's All-Star Game and instead spent his time down in Miami with his beautiful girlfriend Minka Kelly. The official reason he didn't play was because he was mentally exhausted from reaching his 3,000th hit. However, he might have ...

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A Picture of Mark Prior as a New York Yankee

Mark Prior as a Yankee

Just because I wanted to be sure that a picture of Mark Prior as a Yankee was documented. This guy makes Carl Pavano look like Cal Ripken and is bound to get hurt soon. Hopefully he stays healthy enough so that we can see him in Pinstripes one day.

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Picture of Skinny CC Sabathia and More ST Pics

skinny CC Sabathia

With all the talk of CC Sabathia shedding 25-30 pounds this offseason I thought I would share a picture of him today. He does look a bit slimmer. In fact, Phil Hughes looks about as big as The Big Man. I also included some other pictures of a few of the new players the ...

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Yankees Michael Kay Married Yesterday with Photos

Michael Kay tied the knot yesterday with news anchor Jodi Applegate yesterday in front of an impressive group of guests. In attendance were Paul O'Neill, David Cone, Tino Martinez, Darryl Strawberry, Joe Girardi, Hal Steinbrenner, Al Leiter, John Flaherty, anchorman Brian Williams, and actor Danny Aiello (his uncle). Bernie Williams was there too and even played ...

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Pictures of Derek Jeter’s Tampa Mansion

It must be nice to be Derek Jeter. This is a guy who was just recently was locked in a bitter battle over his contract. I think he's got a good deal of money. Actually, it's funny. This entire mansion cost Jeter $7.7 million and he is currently selling his Manhattan apartment for $20 million. ...

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Ladies and Gentlemen No. 29 Rafael Soriano

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