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Minka Kelly Not Getting Married to Derek Jeter Anytime Soon

I don't get into this stuff very often, but there seem to be a lot of people interested in this kind of stuff. Believe it or not I do get emails and tweets asking me about it. So I thought I'd share this little bit of info from the Yankee fans favorite couple. Derek Jeter ...

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Picture of Robinson Cano with a Beard

Saw this on Twitter tonight and thought it was too good not to share with my readers. It is a picture of Robinson Cano with a beard that you might see on David Ortiz. With the Yankees no facial hair below the lip policy this will have to come off by spring training. Curtain ...

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Pictures of Yankees GM Brian Cashman Rappelling Down A Building

Because re-signing Derek Jeter just wasn't hard enough for Yankees general manager Brian Cashman he decided to rappel down the side of a building yesterday. Here are some pictures. By the way, nice hair Cash!

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Dwight Gooden: Boston Sucks

'Nuff said. (H/T to BBTF).

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Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend Minka Kelly Named Sexiest Woman Alive

Derek Jeter's average might have dropped a bit, but his taste in women haven't. Esquire magazine just named Jeter's girlfriend, Minka Kelly, the sexiest woman alive and had quite the hot photo spread of her. And because I'm such a nice guy, and happen to agree with Esquire, here are the pictures for your ...

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Honoring The Boss

Here is what it says: GEORGE M. STEINBRENNER III July 4, 1930 - July 13, 2010 New York Yankees Principal Owner "The Boss" 1973 - 2010 Purchased the New York Yankees on January 3, 1973. A true visionary who changed the game of baseball forever, he was considered the most influential owner in all of sports. In his 37 years as Principal Owner, the ...

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A.J. Burnett Has a Black Eye

Almost forgot to mention this one, I don't know how. A.J. Burnett pitched last night with a black eye. Check out these photos: Nobody knows what happened and he or the Yankees aren't talking. Here is what he did say: ā€œIā€™m not going to comment, but I understand you have to ask,ā€ Burnett said. ā€œI think ...

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Pictures of Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly at the US Open

Some people really get a kick out of these so I figured I would post them. Here are a few pictures of Derek Jeter and his girlfriend Minka Kelly at the U.S. Open this past weekend. If it's not your cup of tea, I'm sorry, but I don't really post these that often.

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