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Yankees Top Five Third Base Prospects


Third base has been a weak spot for the past few years for the Yankees. They haven't had much in the way of prospects and there isn't much help on the way at the higher levels. Through the draft and international signings, however, the Yankees have started to develop some depth at the lower levels. ...

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Yankees Top Five Catching Prospects

peter o'brien2

This isn't a difficult list to make, but there are some really intriguing names on the list. Keep in mind Romine is not qualified because he played in the major leagues this year. He would probably rank fifth on this list if he was eligible. Catching has been an area of great depth for quite ...

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Top 10 Yankees Pitching Prospects

Rafael Depaula3

1. Rafael DePaula: “RDP” RHP, 6-foot-3, 212-pounds, 21 – Looking forward to seeing what this guy can do now that he finally has a full season under his belt. He tired towards the end of the year last year but that was most likely because he had never come close to throwing that amount of ...

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2013 Pre-Draft Top 50 Yankees prospects


A lot has changed since the beginning of the season in prospect land. At the same time, half of a season isn't enough to shun a prospect, especially those who are having their first foray into the ever difficult task of tackling Double-A. In most cases, rankings have not changed much unless something about the ...

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BBDP Top 50 prospects: Preseason Edition

MLB: New York Yankees-Pitchers & Catchers

This post is a little bit redundant because not much has changed since the 2012 post season top 50 was released back in September. Some things have changed since then and it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate the rankings from September. It's also a good time to alter the rankings based on ...

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BBD’s Yankees Top 50 Prospects: 2012 post-season edition

This season was a mixed bag for the Yankees prospects. While some like Tyler Austin took huge steps forward there were plenty that took big steps back like Dellin Betances and Ravel Santana. Then there was Manny Banuelos, Jose Campos, Austin Romine who spent pretty much the entire season on the DL. There were enough ...

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Yankees Prospect Rankings: Top players at each position

Staten Island Yankees1

A few notes. I chose one position for each player, thus avoiding one player appearing on more than one list. This is intended to generate discussion, so I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments. There are several players not even mentioned here who could arguably be on these lists. It's also worth noting that ...

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BBD’s Yankees Top 50 prospects: 2012 pre-draft edition

Bronx Baseball Daily has never published a top prospects list before, but now felt like a good time to start. 2012 has been a busy year for the site. BBD moved to ESPN's Sweetspot Network, a new crop of writers joined the squad, and the site is more popular than ever. On top of that, the ...

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