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Anonymous player: We’re just tired of A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez

The Yankees have had a pretty harmonious clubhouse in recent years which means nobody sniping each other anonymously in the media in recent years. That ended on Thursday as an anonymous player took a shot at Alex Rodriguez through Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News. “Guys are just tired of it,” the player said. “The ...

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Cashman to A-Rod: Shut the f–k up


Alex Rodriguez finally dipped his toe into the world of Twitter on May 31st. Since then he has a total of nine tweets, but, in classic A-Rod fashion, he was quick put his foot in his mouth when he tweeted this: Visit from Dr. Kelly over the weekend, who gave me the best news - the ...

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Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner speaks, addresses several topics in brief period


(Syndicated from Gotham Hub Baseball). In the past when George Steinbrenner spoke you listened, especially since they were comments that often generated news and sometimes tweaked people such as second-guessing the manager or referring to Dave Winfield as “Mr. May” in 1985. That’s a bygone era and the public comments from Yankee ownership, especially managing general partner ...

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Hal Steinbrenner discusses the budget, Cano and more


Hal Steinbrenner has recently been making the rounds and doing interviews with different members of the media. Here's what he had to say: • The biggest news: Hal says the Yankees have not and will not abandon the $189 payroll goal. "The math works to me if the young kids do their job," he said. "It has to ...

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Just as dumb as ever: Joba Chamberlain fights with Mariano Rivera


Joba Chamberlain has done some dumb things while with the Yankees with his DUI and the time he broke his ankle on a trampoline being the dumbest. Unfortunately this latest incident, a very public run-in with Mariano Rivera, shows that Joba's not exactly getting any smarter with age. Yesterday, in front of reporters and fans, Joba ...

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Nick Swisher said it “hurt” that the Yankees never made him an offer


Before the offseason started there were rumors that Nick Swisher was looking for Jayson Werth type money (more than $100 million) as a free agent so it made sense that the Yankees, unwilling to overpay, would look elsewhere for an outfielder. Then came another disappointing playoff performance and it was clear that Swish wouldn't be getting ...

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Yankees official on Vernon Wells trade: Where was this money in December?


When I woke up this morning I felt like the Vernon Wells trade was just a (bad) dream. Unfortunately when I opened Google Reader the stark reality hit me. Vernon Wells is a Yankee and somehow, despite claiming they were poor all offseason, they are paying $13 million over two years for him, according to ...

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Joe Girardi gives State of the Yankee Union address


Yankees manager Joe Girardi met with reporters yesterday and went over quite a few topics. Here is the run down via Chad Jennings of the Journal News: • On the offense: Girardi explains that the Yankees offense will rely on speed more rather than the home runs as they've done in recent years. • On the Brett ...

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