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Hal Steinbrenner: $189 million budget for 2014 and beyond

The Owners Meetings are going on this week which gave Ken Davidoff of the NY Post a chance to catch up with Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner to ask him some question about the team and The Budget Boss stirred up … Continue reading

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Yankees plan on using Eduardo Nunez as their utility infielder

As soon as we found out about the hip injury to Alex Rodriguez one of the most common questions at the time was ‘why don’t the Yankees just use Eduardo Nunez to replace him?’ It was a fair question. Even … Continue reading

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Yankees ace CC Sabathia has lost 20 pounds

Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia has been making the rounds this week as he tries to promote himself as a potential cover boy for next year’s MLB: The Show, but it’s a noticeably slimmer Sabathia doing it. “I’ve lost 20 pounds,” Sabathia told ESPN’s Colin Cowherd … Continue reading

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A-Rod hip doctor: I was surprised he was able to play at all

The more we hear about Alex Rodriguez‘s hip injury the more it sounds like he was crazy to even be out there. Even warrior-like perhaps in his determination to keep playing through pain. In speaking with Joel Sherman of the … Continue reading

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