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Video: a Mattingly Walk-off from 1985

Don Mattingly was my favorite ball player when I was growing up. So this morning when William Juliano of the fantastic Yankees blog, The Captain's Blog, posted a video from 1985 of Donny Baseball walking off the Twins, I had to share it. He gives a little more context for the shot so click through ...

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Rumor: Cespedes not available until January w/Video

Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes became an overnight sensation when his agent published a whacky video of his life and training regiment. Well, there is another one, but before we get to that there is a bit of news first. Apparently there wass a mix-up with Cespedes gaining residency in the Dominican Republic, a necessary step before ...

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Too Much Moneyball: The Sequel Based on the New York Yankees

I thought this was pretty funny although it might bother some people. If you haven't seen the movie Moneyball it probably won't be that funny though.

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Watch: Yankees Highlights Set to the Music of Queen

Hannah Ehrlich of River Ave Blues put together a very cool video of Yankees highlights from this season with Queen's Don't Stop Me Know playing in the background. She did a great job with it so I wanted to make sure my readers don't miss it. You can also follow Hannah on twitter, @firstheart42.

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Shaunessy: The Red Sox Season is Not Going to End Tonight

This video has been making the rounds today and it's pretty funny so I thought I'd share it. It features Boston Red Sox clown beatwriter Dan Shaunessy declaring that the Red Sox season was not going to end Wednesday night. This was at about 10:00 p.m. while the Red Sox-Orioles game was in rain delay. ...

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ESPN Has Fun with Derek Jeter

You have to click on the headline to watch this video of the 10 Most Amazing Feats of Derek Jeter's career. My favorite is that time he took a raft to Cuba to pick up Orlando Hernandez.

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Baldwin vs Krasinski: I will Never Go to the Bathroom Again

The Yankees are playing the Red Sox tonight. That means we get another hilarious Alec Baldwin vs. John Krasinski commercial. This one is not quite as funny as the last, but it is still pretty funny. Check it out.

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Alec Baldwin Burns Red Sox Tickets

I think this is the funniest installment of the Alec Baldwin/John Krasinski series yet.

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