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2015 BBDP Wildcard Prospect: Gosuke Katoh


At the start of 2014 Gosuke Katoh was riding high. He was just coming off a monstrous season in the GCL where he shocked everyone (except the Yankees). The Yankees liked him so much, and were so impressed with him in Spring Training that they sent him directly to Charleston, skipping over Staten Island. Things did ...

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Four things to watch out for as Spring Training games begin next week


Yankees Spring Training games begin on Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 p.m (if you have MLB.TV), and while baseball is in the air, the Yankees still need to find answers to glaring questions. So with baseball games beginning next week, what are the four things we should watch out for during Spring Training games? 1. Can Alex ...

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Brendan Ryan undergoes MRI for back strain

Brendan Ryan 3

Ladies and gentlemen, in Day 2 of full-squad workouts, we have our first injury. According to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News, Brendan Ryan underwent a precautionary MRI which revealed a strain his mid-back. Ryan suffered the strain while lifting weights. As a precaution, the Yankees are going to shut down Ryan for at ...

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Brian Cashman talks about Alex Rodriguez after first full-squad workout

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Today, the Yankees had their first full workout of the season; Didi Gregorius fielded grounders at shortstop, Brett Gardner caught fly-balls in the outfield and Brian McCann took batting practice. However, all of that went under the radar when all eyes were on Alex Rodriguez, who took batting practice, fielded grounders at third and shortstop ...

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When injuries occur, who replaces who?

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On Tuesday, we projected the Yankees 25-man roster and who could break camp with the team once Spring Training finishes. But one thing we are going to have to factor in are injuries. Over the course of the season, injuries are going to occur and the Yankees are going to have to find replacements for ...

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Brian McCann and Mark Teixeira have different views on beating the shift


The shift is known as one of baseball's greatest mind games. The players are put to the test and are forced to figure out out how they're going to beat the shift and get on base. However, not every player is good at beating the shift and in the end it's cost them points on ...

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Mark Teixeira feels confident he’ll have a good season

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We all know the famous story of Mark Teixeira coming to camp last season, hoping to have a good year after missing almost the entire 2013 season with a wrist injury. However, Teixeira's year didn't go the way he planned; he didn't contribute much offensively and got hurt a lot. This year, Teixeira is coming ...

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Andrew Bailey hopes to win job in Yankees bullpen


Andrew Bailey reported to camp right after the Super Bowl with hopes of mentally and physically preparing himself for the 2015 season. But if you asked him if he was there as a rehabbing pitcher, he would tell you no. Instead, Bailey has come to camp with a legitimate chance of impressing the Yankees to ...

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