What contract would you give Chase Headley?


I did this post a few weeks ago with David Robertson where I asked Yankees fans on Twitter what contract offer they would make to him. Since it was quite popular, I decided to do it again, this time with free agent third basemen Chase Headley.

It’s no secret Headley was an immediate fan favorite when he joined the ball-club in late July; his first heroic act was a walk-off single the same night he first appeared in pinstripes. So, if you were Brian Cashman, what contract offer would you make to Chase Headley?

1. 3 Years, $36 Million

I thought this was one of the more reasonable contracts for Chase Headley considering he’s had a history of back issues. The fan kept in mind the Yankees weren’t going to go a fourth or a fifth year for Headley and he added this deal probably wasn’t going to be enough to keep Chase Headley. I think a tiny bit more money would bring Headley back but the years are spot on.

2. No Contract

One Yankees fan wouldn’t give Chase Headley a contract, which means it opens a new scenario for the Yankees: maybe Martin Prado suddenly becomes the third basemen and Spring Training is used to find who will replace Prado at second base: maybe it’s Rob Refsnyder or maybe it’s Jose Pirela. With not offering Headley a deal, the Yankees could get creative, but the fact of the matter is they’re in the Chase Headley sweepstakes. They’re going to go after him to an extent.

3. 3 Years, $39 Million, vesting option for fourth year

I particularly like this deal because there’s an option for a fourth year, and ..read more

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Hot Stove: A big Chase Headley deal is ‘risky business’


With Pablo Sandoval off the board, the Yankees can now pursue Chase Headley, who is ready to list his asking price. The problem is there’s a chance Headley can list a big asking price, and it could be the thing to deter the Yankees from doing business with him.

An American League scout told ESPN New York that a long-term deal with Chase Headley is “risky business.” The scouts explanation is why the Yankees won’t go more than five years on a deal for Headley–they’re not even sure if they would go four years. Headley has many upsides; he plays a good third base and he’s tough–he took a fastball to the chin and returned three days later. But the Yankees have to keep in mind if they sign him, they can’t really expect more from him at the age of 30; he’s already injury prone and he’s at the point of his career where his body is going to start breaking down.

There was a reason Headley didn’t cost more than Yangervis Solarte when the Yankees traded for him in July; the Padres view him as a good but not spectacular player, and the Yankees need to see him the same way as they negotiate this offseason. Maybe Headley comes back on a deal that’s reasonable or maybe Headley signs elsewhere where he’ll be vastly overpaid. Just know, the Yankees throwing $100 Million at Headley for his services isn’t going to ..read more

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Hot Stove: ‘Strong indications’ Tulowitzki to Yankees isn’t happening


You’ve heard the name Troy Tulowitzki thrown in trade rumors this offseason and for some of the trade rumors, you may have heard his name linked to the Yankees. The thought of Tulowitzki at shortstop replacing Derek Jeter sounds tempting, but is it likely to happen?

Andy Martino of the New York Daily News says the Yankees are operating as if they’re not into taking another big contract and that would include trading with the Colorado Rockies for Troy Tulowitzki and his gigantic contract.

Tulowitzki’s elite abilities are obvious, but the Yanks are sending clear signals that they have no interest whatsoever in assuming the final six years and $114 million remaining on the shortstop’s contract. Already dealing with Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia (and to a lesser extent, Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran), the team truly does not want to take on another expensive deal.

If the Yankees were to even consider going after Tulowitzki, they have to look at their payroll and realize that they’re spending too much money on little production.

The Yankees are planning to take a more frugal approach this offseason, staying away from the big names on the free agent market. With that being said, the Yankees showed no interest in Pablo Sandoval or Hanley Ramirez, letting the two free agents wander to their division rivals, the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees don’t appear to be interested in any of the top free agent signings including Jon Lester or Max Scherzer.

Oh, wouldn’t the boss be proud? ..read more

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How did the Yankees respond to the last Red Sox mega-moves?

Derek Jeter 2

This isn’t the first time in Yankees/Red Sox history where the Red Sox would make a flashy offseason move only to wait for the Yankees to counterattack. In fact, it last happened in 2011 when the Red Sox traded away Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford to the Los Angeles Dodgers, signed Jason Varitek to a one-year deal and added Bobby Jenks and Dan Wheeler as bullpen depth. So, how did the Yankees respond to the moves the Red Sox made in 2011?

Yankees re-signed Derek JeterThis was the last major contract Derek Jeter signed before his retirement and if fans could remember, it was also one of the messiest contract negotiations sports fans had ever seen. Every move of the deal made headlines, but Jeter made sure the Yankees didn’t regret signing him to that deal: He had a good year in both 2011 and 2012, he was hurt for most of 2013 and while he wasn’t vintage Derek Jeter in 2014, he was still effective.

Yankees re-signed Mariano RiveraMariano Rivera signed a two-year deal and was supposed to retire at the end of the 2012 season, but as you all know, he tore his ACL, underwent season ending surgery and vowed to the Yankees fans he wouldn’t go out with an injury. He re-signed one more contract in 2013 and pitched his final season in pinstripes as the greatest closer of all time.

Yankees signed Russell MartinOnce upon a time, before Russell Martin joined the Toronto Blue Jays and the Pittsburgh Pirates, he was a Yankee. He had two lackluster ..read more

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Five ex-Yankees are on Hall of Fame ballot for first time

Mike Mussina 2

Major League Baseball and the BBWAA announced the candidates for the Hall of Fame ballot and this year there are five ex-Yankees on the ballot for the first time: Aaron Boone, Gary SheffieldTony Clark, Tom Gordon and Randy Johnson. Don Mattingly, Mike Mussina, Tim Raines and Roger Clemens are among the holdovers.

The BBWAA has until December 27 to vote on who they believe should make the Hall of Fame. The results will be announced on January 6th at 2:00 pm E.T. and the induction will happen next summer. In order for a person to enter the Hall of Fame, they must receive 75% of the vote.

For a complete list of the Hall of Fame nominees, go to the BBWAA’s website.

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Hot Stove: Can the Yankees show restraint following the Red Sox splashy signings?


When the team was under the ownership of George Steinbrenner, the Yankees and Red Sox would go to war every offseason and sign the best talent possible. If the Yankees made a blockbuster signing, the Red Sox would immediately counter with a deal of their own. If the Red Sox strengthened their roster with a strong signing, the Yankees would wave money in front of a flashier free agent, luring them to the Bronx. Of course, this was at a different time when the payrolls were larger and there wasn’t much competition among the other 28 teams.

The Yankees and the Red Sox both missed the postseason in 2014, and that meant they needed to go back to the drawing board and sign players that filled the vacant holes. The Red Sox needed to sign a third basemen; the Yankees needed to sign a shortstop.

This morning, the Red Sox moved a piece on the rivalry chess board, signing both Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval to five-year contracts. The biggest move the Yankees have made this offseason so far was signing Chris Young and trading Francisco Cervelli to obtain Justin Wilson. So, with the Red Sox making the first move, are the Yankees going to counter with a more lavish signing or are they going to show restraint?

Hal Steinbrenner told Joel Sherman of the New York Post the Yankees were going to operate differently this offseason, and they were going to be more frugal.

In the good old days – let’s call that the early part of this century – the Yankees and Red Sox had a Pavlovian baseball relationship. One would act decisively ..read more

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Hot Stove: Boston Red Sox to acquire both Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval


Hanley Ramirez is coming to the American League East, but it’s not to play for the New York Yankees.

According to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News, the Boston Red Sox are close to acquiring free agent shortstop Hanley Ramirez. Ramirez will be in Boston today to finalize a five-year, $90 Million deal with the Yankees division rivals. But the Red Sox aren’t done spending yet: According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, they have also agreed to a five-year, and close to $100 Million deal with third basemen Pablo Sandoval. Both of those moves could possibly put Xander Bogaerts on the trade block.

So how does this affect the Yankees?

It’s quite simply actually: this move comes a week after the Toronto Blue Jays acquired Russell Martin to be their every day catcher, which means the teams around the Yankees are beginning to bolster  their rosters in preparation of the 2015 season. Meanwhile, the only acquisitions that would help the Yankees roster on a Major League level would be Chris Young and Justin Wilson.

The Yankees are also in the market for a shortstop, but they didn’t have legitimate interest in Ramirez since he’s injury prone. There have been rumblings the Yankees were willing to reunite with Stephen Drew for the 2015 season despite his lackluster 2014 campaign.

The team is also in the market for a third basemen, but they’ve set their sights on Chase Headley. Now that Sandoval has settled a deal, Headley can set an asking price, once the Yankees would pay within ..read more

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Hot Stove: Astros in David Robertson sweepstakes


While two teams have dropped out of the David Robertson sweepstakes, another team has emerged and they’re ‘all in’ for the former Yankees closer.

According to Ken Davidoff of the New York Post, the Houston Astros are in the David Robertson sweepstakes and they’re aggressively attempting to pursue him. The Astros spoke with Robertson’s agent Scott Leventhal during the GM meetings.

More from Davidoff:

MLB.com’s Brian McTaggart reported on Nov. 13, on Twitter, that the Astros were “going hard” to get a top closer on the market, and McTaggart identified Robertson, Andrew Miller (most recently of Baltimore) and San Francisco’s Sergio Romo by name, though only Robertson ended the 2014 season as a closer.

Whether the Astros are willing to go hard enough to give Robertson the four-year contract he desires, for roughly $13 million per season, is unclear. What is clear is Houston has expressed a willingness, through its actions this offseason, to elevate its payroll after fielding some bargain-basement squads, and it also desperately needs relief help if it is to climb back into relevance.

As we’re all aware, the Yankees are in for Robertson as well and they’re doing everything they can to keep their former closer. As Davidoff says, while the Yankees like Robertson personally and professionally, they have not expressed interest in reuniting with Robertson on a four-year contract, $50 Million ..read more

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