MLB Trade Rumor: Yankees working on small deals, no big splashes

Brian Cashman

If you’re expecting Brian Cashman to make a big splash before 4 p.m. today, it might not happen, but the Yankees are working hard to bring somebody in.

According to Mark Feinsand of the Daily News, the Yankees are working on small potential deals, but it’s not going to be big enough to overtake the Jon Lester/Yoenis Cespedes trade. Feinsand also said the Yankees are focusing on bolstering right field, considering Ichiro Suzuki has played more than expected and Carlos Beltran is still trying to come back from an arm injury.

If anything, I think the big trade the Yankees made were the deals for Chase Headley and Brandon McCarthy.

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Report: Jon Lester traded to Athletics for Yoenis Cespedes


Well, the MLB Trade Deadline has gotten off to a huge start: The Boston Red Sox traded Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes to the Oakland Athletics for OF Yoenis Cespedes.

Yesterday, there were talks involving the Blue Jays and Orioles for Lester which would have been a big problem for the Yankees. With the Red Sox trading Lester to an AL West team, the Yankees now don’t have to face Lester for the duration of the season. The only thing that is worrisome is the Red Sox now have Yoenis Cespedes, who has a cannon for an arm and has power in his bat (he won the Home Run Derby two years in a row).

If the Red Sox are able to re-sign Lester in the offseason and keep Cespedes next year, then the Red Sox would have surely won this trade–unless the Oakland Athletics win the World Series this year.

Personal Opinion: I still think Lester either ends up with the Yankees or the Los Angeles Dodgers come this offseason. Yankees did say they were going to try to sign him, rather than trade for him.

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Thoughts coming into today’s off-day


After losing a three game series against the Texas Rangers, the Yankees are packing their bags and they’re heading to Boston where they will play a three game set against their rivals, the Red Sox. Before we get ahead of ourselves, here’s a few thoughts on this off-day and the final day before the trade deadline.

Brett Gardner had a monster series against the Texas Rangers, hitting four home runs in three games and he had that ridiculous game on Tuesday. If Gardner keeps this up, I don’t see any reason he can’t hit 20 home runs. I do know one thing; he’s been one of, if not the most consistent Yankees player this season.

– A pretty cool moment during Derek Jeter‘s ceremony yesterday: the Texas Rangers gave him cowboy boots (which I could have sworn the Astros or some other team gave him already. It’s been a long season so it’s hard to keep track.), a check for his Turn 2 Foundation…and a visit by former President George W. Bush. The fans weren’t expecting it and Jeter wasn’t expecting it. It was a great thing to see and the Rangers have officially ranked in the Top 5 of gifts in the ‘Derek Jeter Retirement Tour’.

– Tomorrow’s series opener should be interesting. Chris Capuano is pitching against his former team and he’s slated to oppose John Lackey. Lackey has been in the middle of trade rumors so it will be interesting to see if the Red Sox rotation changes.

– The Yankees offense on this road trip (aside from Gardner) has been pretty bad. Except for the game where the Yankees scored 12 runs, the lucky number for the team has been 2 runs. more

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Homers from Gardner and Ellsbury not enough as Yanks fall 3-2 to Rangers


The Yankees were vying to take the final game of this three game series, but home runs from Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury weren’t enough as the Yankees fell to the Rangers 3-2, at Global Life Park in Arlington, Texas.

Brett Gardner, who had been absolutely ridiculous this series, led off the game with a solo-home run, his fourth home run of the series. Jacoby Ellsbury hit a solo home run in the third before the final 19 Yankees hitters were retired.

Hiroki Kuroda had a rough first inning, but overall he had a quality outing for the Yankees, going seven innings, giving up three runs on nine hits while striking out four. David Huff came in to pitch a scoreless eight, making him the only pitcher to come out of the Yankees bullpen tonight.

What’s Next?

Chris Capuano will face his former team as the Yankees attempt to begin a three game set on Friday. The Red Sox have John Lackey listed as the starter, but that’s assuming he isn’t traded. First pitch will be at 7:05 p.m. and the game will air on the YES more

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Some notes and tidbits before tonight’s game


It’s been pretty quiet for the Yankees before tonight’s game, but there were some small notes lingering here and there before tonight’s series finale.

Joe Girardi said the other day he was going to rest Brian Roberts for a few days, mainly because he was beat up. It was odd to Roberts, considering he felt good for it being almost August.

“I don’t know if there’s anybody who’s ever not tired in August, probably,” Roberts said. “I certainly didn’t walk in and tell him I was tired and needed days off. It’s his decision, that’s why managers do what they do. They’re supposed to watch things and make decisions and that sort of stuff. I said, ‘Whatever you want to do is fine.’”

It doesn’t hurt to mention Roberts is hitting .171 since the All-Star Break, so maybe the rest will do him some good.

 “I hope (the rest) pays off, sure,” Roberts said. “I’m not 20 anymore. Nobody wants days off, but you trust the people in charge to make decisions that hopefully benefit everybody. Hopefully that’s what happens.”

– The Yankees bullpen was absolutely awful last night, and Joe Girardi had been checking to see if everyone is still available. One person who’s not available is Matt Thornton, even though he didn’t pitch last night. Girardi did say he wanted to rest his bullpen before the series against the Boston Red Sox.

– Is Joe Girardi expecting a new Yankee to be on the roster by 4 p.m. tomorrow afternoon?

“Not necessarily, no,” Girardi said. “There’s less than 24 hours, right, if something’s going to happen. You do expect that there’s going to be some movement in baseball. A lot of times there’s more talked about than actually done. Wait more

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MLB Trade Rumor: Yankees have interest in Marlon Byrd


According to MLB Trade Rumors, the New York Yankees have interest in Philadelphia Phillies OF Marlon Byrd. However, the Yankees are wary of Byrd’s $8 Million vesting fee.

Byrd has been connected with many clubs, but his vesting option causes concern, considering he’ll be 37 when the option kicks in. It’s also problematic because Byrd has a four-team no trade clause.

The Yankees have been busy acquiring veterans just before the trade deadlin this year, acquiring Chase Headley recently and Brandon McCarthy earlier in the month.

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MLB Trade Rumor: Yankees talks with Padres for Kennedy described as “medium”


There’s only a little less than 24 hours until the trade deadline, but that doesn’t mean the rumors are slowing down. Everything seems quiet on the Yankees front, but Brian Cashman is hard at work trying to find a pitcher for the rotation.

Chad Jennings of the LoHud Yankees blog reports the Yankees are talking with the San Diego Padresa about Ian Kennedy and the talks are described as “medium”. While the Yankees and Padres are in discussion, a baseball source said the Yankees don’t have the ‘front-end’ prospect the Padres are looking for to make the deal.

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Brett Gardner’s power a nice surprise for the Yankees


It’s not surprising Brett Gardner has one of the best averages on the team, it’s not surprising Brett Gardner leads the team in OBP and it’s not surprising he’s been one of the most clutch performers on the team.

However, this number is surprising: 13. 13 represents the number of home runs Brett Gardner has hit this season and we’re ending July. Gardner’s previous career high was eight. Joe Girardi is impressed with Gardner’s recent power surge, but he isn’t surprised by it.

“I think players have it, but I think they learn how to use it better,” Girardi said. “He’s playing every day, physically he feels good. He’s been able to stay away from some of the nagging stuff he’s had before. And some years guys just get more pitches to hit out of the ballpark. But I’ve always felt that he could hit double digits.”

Girardi’s theory on Gardner playing so well might have to do with Gardner no longer playing to impress other teams in a potential “walk year”. The four-year, $52 Million contract extension seemed to have relaxed Gardner, allowing him to play to the best of his ability.

“Probably,” Girardi said. “I think some players, it really helps because it helps them relax a little bit and just be who they are and not try to do too much. Other guys go the other way, but I think it helped him.”

Brett Gardner is aware he is probably worth more in the trade market, but Gardner decided to take less money to play for the team that he knows and loves. Being a Yankee means something to him, and he’s extremely thankful for the opportunity.

“For me, it was a matter of making the decision obviously based on numbers more

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