Yankees look to void Alex Rodriguez’s milestone bonuses

Alex Rodriguez 6

The saga between Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees continues, and this time the Yankees are attempting to void a milestone clause in Rodriguez’s contract–and are prepared to fight if Rodriguez files a grievance with the Major League Baseball Players Association.

According to SI.com, the Yankees are attempting to void the $6 Million home-run bonus Rodriguez would receive if he tied Willie Mays on the home run list. Mays had 660 home-runs in his career and Rodriguez would enter the 2015 season with 654 home runs.

Rodriguez’s contract also has a clause where he would earn $6 Million if he tied Babe Ruth‘s 714 home runs, $6 Million if he tied Hank Aaron‘s 755 home runs and $6 Million if he passed Barry Bonds‘s 762 home runs to become baseball’s new home-runs leader.

The Yankees reportedly feel the bonuses are “worthless” because of Rodriguez’s year-long suspension in the Biogenesis scandal. The Yankees denied a meeting with Rodriguez earlier this week as Rodriguez tried to mend fences with his team, only for the Yankees to tell him they would “see him in Spring ..read more

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What to expect from Ivan Nova

Ivan Nova 3

Yesterday, we analyzed Andrew Miller‘s 2014 season and discussed what impact he could have in the Yankees bullpen. Today, we move to the disabled list and hopefully the starting rotation as we discuss what the Yankees can eventually expect from Ivan Nova, who is currently rehabbing from major surgery.

Ivan Nova had been in the Yankees organization since 2006, and although he had a cup of coffee with the San Diego Padres because of the Rule 5 Draft, Nova found his way back in pinstripes and showed massive potential as a starter. In fact, his best year was in 2013 when he went 9-6 with a 3.10 ERA, a 3.47 FIP and a 1.285 WHIP in 139.1 innings. It seemed Nova was on the verge of repeating his 2013 performance in 2014, but a massive injury got in the way of Nova competing, which put him on the shelf for majority of the season.

After only making four starts for the Yankees and pitching to a 8.27 ERA and a 1.839 WHIP in 20.1 innings, the Yankees were concerned about their starter. Nova complained of soreness in his elbow during his start on April 19th against the Tampa Bay Rays, and as a result, the Yankees removed him from the game and had Nova undergo a series of tests. During the postgame, Joe Girardi revealed Nova had a tear in his elbow which forced Nova to undergo Tommy John Surgery, effectively ending his 2014 campaign.

The Yankees have said Nova is going to return to the rotation in 2015, but while they are optimistic, they also have their concerns.

1) Will Nova return to the rotation and be an effective piece to the pitching staff?

2) Will ..read more

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Yankees reject Alex Rodriguez’s meeting request

Alex Rodriguez 12

While Alex Rodriguez was able to conduct a meeting with new baseball commissioner Rob Manfred, the Yankees weren’t in the ‘meeting’ mood and decided to deal with Rodriguez next month.

According to the New York Daily News, Rodriguez offered to meet face to face with the Yankees to apologize for his role in the Biogenesis scandal, but the Yankees nixed the meeting and told him that they would “see him in Spring Training”.

Rodriguez met with Manfred on Wednesday, but Manfred said the main relationship Rodriguez had to work on was his relationship with the Bronx Bombers.

“You’re done here,” A-Rod was told regarding their meetings, according to a source. “You’re a Yankee and you have to work things out now with them.”

However, the Yankees reportedly told the source they would deal with Rodriguez along with every other player when position players report to camp next month.

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What to expect from Andrew Miller


Yesterday, we evaluated what Nathan Eovaldi did last season for the Marlins and how he could help the Yankees in the rotation. Today, we move back to the bullpen where we’ll discuss the Yankees newest and priciest addition, Andrew Miller.

When the Yankees were searching for a reliever in the free agent market, it was clear the competition was between Andrew Miller and David Robertson. In the end, the Yankees went with Miller and Robertson sighed elsewhere. But why did the Yankees opt for Andrew Miller over David Robertson? Well, between the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox in 2014, Miller had a 2.02 ERA, a 1.51 FIP, a 0.0802 WHIP in 61.2 innings and notched 103 strikeouts. He also only gave up three home runs the entire 2014 season.

Now, just because Miller has many pros, it doesn’t mean there aren’t cons with him either: he gave up 17 walks 61.2 innings which means he might have a bit of a problem with control. Also his past resume aside from last season seems to be worrisome; the last time he pitched at least 60 innings in a season was in 2011 with the Red Sox and his ERA and WHIP were a whopping 5.54 and 1.815.

So what are the Yankees expecting from Andrew Miller this season?

It’s quite simple: they would like Miller to replicate his 2014 season but the Miller signing will be a true test to see if the Yankees made the right choice. They had the option of signing Miller or Robertson and even had the luxury of signing both. However, the Yankees picked Miller and now eyes will shift to Chicago where Robertson got a four-year deal with the ..read more

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A week in review: Ichiro, Rodriguez, Santana, Scherzer, Sterling and WPIX


Transaction wise, it was a pretty quiet week for the Yankees, but a former Yankee did head elsewhere, Alex Rodriguez is still working out as Spring Training begins next month and Max Scherzer is finally off the board–but he won’t be in Yankees pinstripes. Here is your week in review.

— For the last two seasons, Ichiro Suzuki was the fourth outfielder on the Yankees that earned more playing time last year when Carlos Beltran went on the disabled list. However, Ichiro is now taking his talents elsewhere as he signed a one-year, $2 Million contract to play with the Miami Marlins in 2015.

— Alex Rodriguez is still working out, but the eye-roll worthy headline of the week was he was working out with Barry Bonds. While both Bonds and Rodriguez have been known to use steroids in their careers, Bonds has been known to help other players with their swings. So pretty much, this isn’t an issue.

— All week, the Yankees expressed interest in Johan Santana, but their interest immediately waned when Santana suffered a shoulder issue in the playoff rounds of the Venezuelan league. If Santana could of returned healthy, having him in the rotation wouldn’t of been a bad thought. The Yankees could of used another veteran.

— The Max Scherzer sweepstakes officially ended this week as he signed a seven-year, $210 Million contract with the Washington Nationals. All offseason the Yankees were linked to Scherzer because–well, they’re the Yankees and they have money. However, Brian Cashman made it clear the Yankees weren’t going to sign Scherzer and decided to take a more economical approach.

— Yankees ..read more

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Alex Rodriguez visits baseball’s incoming commissioner Rob Manfred

Alex Rodriguez 10

As Alex Rodriguez continues his road to redemption, one of his stops included a trip to 245 Park Avenue in New York to issue and apology to incoming commissioner Rob Manfred.

The New York Post and MLB.com reported Rodriguez was trying to clear the air after being one of the 13 player suspended in the Biogenesis scandal. Manfred was current commissioner Bud Selig’s point man in the Biogensis investigation.

The last meeting Rodriguez had with Manfred was on November 20, 2013 when he stormed out of his appeal hearing. Rodriguez’s suspension was decreased from 211 games to an entire season the following day.

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Yankees announce game times for 2015 regular season

Yankee Stadium 3

It’s time to start marking your calendars because not only do the Yankees have their 2015 schedule sorted out, they also added the start times for majority of the games.

Opening Day is scheduled to begin  on April 6th at Yankee Stadium against the Toronto Blue Jays where the first pitch will be at 1:05 p.m. The Yankees conclude the regular season on October 4th against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards where the first pitch will be at 3:35 p.m. ET.

However, there are still a few dates that don’t have a time for first pitch; the May 24th game against the Texas Rangers, the August 23rd game against the Cleveland Indians, the September 26th game against the Chicago White Sox and the September 27th game against the Chicago White Sox are all TBD.

All of the times are subject to change. All times are in EDT. For a complete list of start times for each Yankees game go to www.yankees.com/schedule.

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What to expect from Nathan Eovaldi


Yesterday, we glanced at what David Carpenter did in his last two seasons and what we could expect from him during the 2015 campaign. Today, we’re moving back to the starting rotation and talking about another player the Yankees acquired via trade this offseason, Nathan Eovaldi.

When the Yankees needed starting pitching for the rotation, they acquired some but not by signing big name free agents such as Max Scherzer or James Shields. Instead, they swapped Martin Prado and David Phelps to the Miami Marlins in exchange for Nathan Eovaldi and Garrett Jones. While the trade at the time didn’t make much sense, especially with the Yankees giving away second base depth in Prado, the Yankees did get a quality starting pitcher in Eovaldi.

Eovaldi had a rough 2014 season, going 6-14 with a 4.37 ERA and a WHIP of 1.332, but his numbers aren’t as bad as we think. His FIP–Fielding Independent Pitching, which measures a players effectiveness at preventing home runs, walks, hit by pitches and initiating strikeouts–was 3.37, which was 1.00 less than his ERA. He also notched 142 strikeouts in 199.2 innings and he reportedly throws a fastball average of 95 MPH.

The Yankees see promise with him and since Eovaldi is only 24-years-old, the Yankees believe they’re getting him before his prime and could pan out to be a dominant pitcher in the American League East. Eovaldi said in an interview a few days ago he plans on working the changeup into his repertoire and he hopes working with Larry Rothschild and ..read more

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