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The Yankees had a chance this evening to clinch a postseason spot, but the Boston Red Sox played spoiler, sending the Yankees to a 5-1 loss at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York. The Yankees scored their lone run in the top of the first inning on an Alex […]

Yankees fall to Red Sox 5-1

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I usually post the pitching matchup posts around noon or so, but I was waiting for the Yankees to announce if Masahiro Tanaka was going to pitch in this series. Joe Girardi said Tanaka is slated to start on Wednesday, which will “probably” line him up to start the one […]

Yankees vs. Red Sox pitching matchups

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The Yankees continue to make their trek to the postseason, whether it’d be via the American League East division (the least likely option) or the Wild Card (the more likely option). Regardless, the Yankees have a chance to clinch a playoff spot as early as tonight, but the Yankees would […]

Yankees can clinch postseason spot as early as tonight

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Over the last week, the Yankees have used Dustin Ackley, Rob Refsnyder and Brendan Ryan at second base and anyone would guess that the Yankees have given up on Stephen Drew. Well, it hasn’t been the case because as the story goes, you can’t play if you’re sick. The Yankees […]

Stephen Drew battles sinus issues and dizziness

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This was a series the Yankees had to take in order to keep pace with the Toronto Blue Jays and lock a postseason spot. And with a great start by Luis Severino, the Yankees were able to take three out of four games in a 6-1 win over the Chicago […]

Yankees take series with 6-1 win over White Sox

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When the Yankees brought up Rob Refsnyder in the beginning of September, the Yankees had barely used him, sticking with the formula of Stephen Drew, Dustin Ackley and Brendan Ryan. But the Yankees started Rob Refsnyder in two games within the past week, and Refsnyder has impressed with his bat. […]

Could Rob Refsnyder find himself on the playoff roster?

The Yankees weren’t sure what they were going to get out of Adam Warren, who wasn’t properly stretched out prior to this afternoon’s start. But Warren surprised the Yankees by giving the Yankees length, and the team got key hits in a 2-1 win over the Chicago White Sox at […]

Yankees edge out White Sox with 2-1 win

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Counting this afternoon’s game against the Chicago White Sox, there are only nine games left in the regular season. And after yesterday’s loss to the White Sox, the Yankees ended up four games behind the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League East division. The Yankees would have to win […]

A Wild Card playoff game is a more realistic outcome for ...

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The Yankees had a chance to keep pace with the Toronto Blue Jays as they took on the Chicago White Sox this evening. But a dormant offense along with missed opportunities caused the Yankees to lose 5-2 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York. The Yankees scored their only […]

Yankees fall to White Sox 5-2

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When Yogi Berra passed away on Tuesday at the age of 90, the Yankees didn’t just lose a Hall of Famer, or a friend. They also lost a catcher, and Berra was easily one of the greatest catchers of all time, leading the Yankees to 14 World Series and earning […]

Joe Girardi remembers the late Yogi Berra

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Masahiro Tanaka was only expected to miss his start against the Blue Jays after experiencing a Grade 1 hamstring strain during his start against the Mets. But it seems Tanaka should be back in time for the Yankees / Red Sox series, that is if everything goes to plan. Joe […]

Masahiro Tanaka slated to pitch either Monday or Tuesday