Yankees and Mets donate replica items to Yogi Berra museum


Even though Yogi Berra‘s World Series rings are missing, fans can still go to the museum and see them thanks to the New York Yankees and New York Mets making a generous donation.

According to a statement on the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center website, the Yankees and Mets donated replicas of the items that were stolen during the October 9th heist.

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center, we are pleased to announce that Commissioner Allan H. [Bud] Selig and Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees and the New York Mets are graciously donating exact replicas of the items recently taken from the Museum,” reads the statement. “In addition, they also are donating several new items to our existing collection, ensuring that the Museum will be an even better place for fans to visit in honor of Yogi’s legacy. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Commissioner Selig and Major League Baseball, the Yankees and the Mets for their generosity, as well as to all of the fans and friends of the Museum for their concern and support during this difficult time.”

Some of the items that were stolen include two of Berra’s three MVP awards and all 10 of his World Series rings.There is still an ongoing investigation and the Essex County Crimestoppeers are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the ..read more

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Report: Korean left-hander Kwang-Hyun Kim to be posted, Yankees have checked in

According to the eDailyStar, left-hander Kwang-Hyun Kim of the SK Wyverns will have a press conference on Wednesday to discuss his interest in pursuing a career in Major League Baseball. The general manager and the main representative will be present, all signs pointing to Kim being posted.

Kim, 26, is classified as one of the most popular players in the Korean Baseball organization after he was drafted in the first round in 2006 by the Wyverns. He finished the 2014 season with a 3.42 ERA and a 0.52 HR/9 rate.

Sung-Min Kim wrote a guest piece on the subject for River Avenue Blues and this was the assessment of Kim in the article:

I do not see Kim being a full-time starter in the Majors unless there is a major improvement in command. It would be a wishful thinking for him to be an “effectively wild” pitcher a la early-2002 Kaz Ishii. I don’t know if Kim would post walk rates as abysmal as Ishii’s (6.19 and 6.18 BB/9 in his first two seasons with the Dodgers) but what mattered was that he was a pitcher expected to start in every five games for three Major League seasons. I think a lot of Korean baseball fans would more than gladly take that for Kwang-Hyun Kim.

There’s been reports the Yankees have checked in on Kim but they don’t envision him as a starter in the rotation. If the Yankees are looking for a starter, they might spend their money elsewhere with Jon Lester, Brandon McCarthy, Max Scherzer, etc. The scouts have heard there’s a “$10 to $20 Million” posting fee, and they’re considering it not a stretch, but it ..read more

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Around The Diamond: Shortstop


Yesterday, we looked at the Yankees options for second base which included Martin Prado, Brendan Ryan, Rob Refnsyder and Jose Pirela. Today we move over a little bit to a spot that has it’s first question mark in 19 seasons: shortstop. 

Derek Jeter was the New York Yankees shortstop for 19 seasons. Even when he was on the disabled list, he was still known as their primary shortstop and it gave fans little reason to doubt Jeter would be back manning the one position he’s played for years. However, next year it’s going to be a little different for the Yankees: Derek Jeter is no longer the shortstop of the New York Yankees and he’s not coming back. Now, usually in these posts I list the Yankees major and minor league options and then move on to the next position but I can’t do that today because there are no legitimate major league or minor league options. The only one that could possibly play shortstop is Brendan Ryan but like I said in yesterday’s post, Ryan was signed strictly for his glove. The Yankees need someone who’s going to man the position and can hit.

This is one of the positions the Yankees have no choice but to go into the free agent market. However, the options on the free agent market are incredibly thin. Still, let’s look at some of the players the Yankees could acquire to fill the vacant spot.

1. Stephen Drew

Even though the Yankees got an in-house look at Stephen Drew and weren’t impressed, Drew still is an option on the free agent market. He knows how to play shortstop but ..read more

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MLB mourns as St. Louis Cardinals prospect Oscar Taveras dies at 22


Oscar Taveras, the St. Louis Cardinals prospect who had a key home run during the National League Championship series last week, has died according to his agent.

Taveras was in an automobile accident earlier this evening which also claimed the life of his girlfriend. Following the news of his death, St. Louis Cardinals GM John Mozeliak released this short statement:

“Obviously, we have deep condolences to his family. We are still waiting for more details before issuing a full statement,”

Taveras’s death shook Major League Baseball to the core and it taught everyone how a young life could be so fragile. Baseball players took to Twitter to express their condolences for their fallen colleague and friend:

Andrew McCutchen [Pittsburgh Pirates] (@TheCUTCH22): Shocked to hear about @Cardinals OF Oscar Taveras and girlfriend…Praying for their family and friends.

J.P. Arencibia [Texas Rangers] (@jparencibia9): Amazing talent. better person…RIP Oscar Taveras

Brandon Phillips [Cincinnati Reds] (@DatDudeBP):  Sadden by the lost of one of our baseball family members, Oscar Taveras! My prayers go out to his family & the organization

David Ortiz [Boston Red Sox] (@davidortiz): RIP homie.

Michael O’Neill [New York Yankees prospect] (@MichaelONeill10): Life is too fragile. Sad to hear about the passing of Oscar Taveras. #RIP

Rob Refsnyder [New York Yankees prospect] (@Rob_Refsnyder): Rest in peace, Oscar.

Taveras was just 22-years-old.

On behalf of everyone here at Bronx Baseball Daily, we would like to offer our condolences to the families of Oscar Taveras and his girlfriend ..read more

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Around The Diamond: Second Base


Yesterday, we glanced at first base and evaluated Mark Teixeira along with the lack of depth at the position. Today, we focus on second base where the Yankees have a few legitimate options on the roster and in the minor leagues. 

1. Martin Prado

Martin Prado was one of the trades the Yankees made during the 2014 season and unlike Brandon McCarthy and Chase Headley who became free agents at the end of the season, Prado is under contract for two more years. Prado gives the Yankees a legitimate option at second base, but the fact he’s versatile and can play third base and the outfield makes him an important piece on the roster. Prado hit .313/.336/.541 in 37 games with the Yankees before his season was cut short with appendicitis. However, Yankees fans aren’t complaining about Prado; if it had to come between signing Omar Infante last season and acquiring Martin Prado via free agency, I’m sure they’d choose Prado in a heartbeat.

2. Brendan Ryan

Brendan Ryan is the back-up infielder the Yankees signed strictly for his glove. He’s not expected to hit, but he is expected to field, and if there’s one thing Ryan is good at, it’s manning his position. Obviously, he would be at second on the days Martin Prado needs a day off or if he’s playing another position on the diamond, but I still feel giving Ryan a two-year contract despite not being able to hit is a questionable move.

Now that we’ve listed the major league options at second base, let’s look at the players the Yankees could have compete for a roster spot in Spring Training, including a Yankees prospect that has ..read more

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A week in review: Colbrunn, Denbo, Hitting Coach, Long, Sabathia, Spring Training,

Kevin Long

It was another extremely quiet week for the Yankees, but the World Series got underway. By next week, the 2014 season will be over and Alex Rodriguez will officially come off the restricted list…but let’s save that for next week. This week, the Yankees hired a minor league hitting coach, assigned a new Senior VP of Baseball Operations and their former hitting coach found a new job before the Yankees filled his old position. Here is a week in review.

— The Yankees announced earlier this week they hired Greg Colbrunn to be the minor league hitting coach for the Single-A Charleston RiverDogs. Colbrunn left the Red Sox following the 2014 season to be closer to home. Well, at least the Yankees filled one hitting coach spot so far…just not the one everyone was anticipating.

— Gary Denbo has taken over the head of baseball operations from the recently retired Mark Newman. It was also reported Denbo wasn’t the first choice and Brian Cashman asked Trey Hillman if he wanted the position. Hillman declined and took an on-field job with the Houston Astros.

— As for the Major League hitting coach position, the Yankees had to wipe two potential candidates off the list. Chili Davis accepted a job with the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees told Dave Magadan he wouldn’t be considered for the position. Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York added the Yankees organization wasn’t too thrilled with how talkative Magadan was with the process, which influenced their decision.

—  Kevin Long found a new job just two weeks after getting fired by the Yankees. The New York Mets announced Kevin Long will be their new hitting ..read more

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Video: Foul Territory with Mark Teixeira and Brendan Ryan

It’s been a slow day with the Yankees news, but with all the serious news in New York, I thought I would end the day with something to give you a few chuckles.

This was one of the episodes of “Foul Territory” I missed earlier in the season where Mark Teixeira had Brendan Ryan as a guest. They talked about Ryan’s heritage, Ryan’s dog and they did impressions (Ryan does a really good impression of the late Harry Caray while Teixeira does a good Jack Nicholson). So without further ado, here’ the ‘lost and found’ episode of “Foul Territory”.

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Yankees roster has changed dramatically since 2009


Five years ago today, the New York Yankees won the 2009 American League pennant, advancing to the World Series and defeating the Philadelphia Phillies for their 27th World Series championship, the most in baseball history. The Yankees had one of the most powerful rosters that season and you would think the team wouldn’t have changed much since 2009. Well, five years later the Yankees have advanced to the ALDS twice, the ALCS once, and missed out on the postseason twice. The lack of winning isn’t the only thing that’s changed about the Yankees these days; so did the Yankees roster. Here are the players that played the final game of the American League Championship series five years ago.

  • C Jorge Posada
  • 1B Mark Teixeira
  • 2B Robinson Cano
  • SS Derek Jeter
  • 3B Alex Rodriguez
  • DH Hideki Matsui
  • LF Johnny Damon
  • CF Melky Cabrera/Brett Gardner
  • RF Nick Swisher
  • SP Andy Pettitte
  • RP Joba Chamberlain
  • RP Mariano Rivera
  • As of right now, here’s the roster the Yankees would send out on Opening Day 2015, and let me tell you…it’s not pretty.

  • C Brian McCann
  • 1B Mark Teixeira (?)
  • 2B Martin Prado (?)
  • SS  (????)
  • 3B Alex Rodriguez (?)
  • DH (????)
  • LF Brett Gardner
  • CF Jacoby Ellsbury
  • RF Carlos Beltran (?)
  • SP Masahiro Tanaka / CC Sabathia (?)
  • RP (????)
  • I see you’ve noticed all of the question marks on the 2015 Opening ..read more

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