Yankees announce Masahiro Tanaka as Opening Day starter


Joe Girardi has officially announced Masahiro Tanaka will be the Opening Day starter on April 6th.

Girardi also listed the order of the rotation for the first four games:

Masahiro TanakaMichael PinedaCC SabathiaNathan Eovaldi

The Yankees haven’t announced a fifth starter of yet, but it’s heavily possible Adam Warren will get the fifth and final spot in the rotation.

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Report: Phillies and Padres interested in Austin Romine


While there’s no clear frontrunner in the back-up catching competition, it seems other teams are interested in Austin Romine, just in case the Yankees crown John Ryan Murphy as the winner.

The Phillies scouts were present at the Yankees/Phillies game last Thursday night where Romine happened to be in the lineup. The Phillies are looking for a back-up catcher to Carlos Ruiz and became intrigued when they discovered Romine wasn’t the frontrunner of the back-up competition in Yankees camp. Both Romine and Murphy have done well this Spring defensively despite their offensive woes.

“Defensively, both guys have done a pretty good job,’’ Girardi said about Romine and Murphy. “Offensively, they have pressed a little bit which is understandable. That’s what happens a lot of times when you get into a competition. There is a decision that has to be made and it will be one of the last decisions we make.’’

Not only do the Phillies have interest in Romine, but so do the San Diego Padres. Romine is hitting .182 (4-for-22) this Spring.

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Didi Gregorius continues to impress in camp


For the last 19 seasons, Derek Jeter manned the shortstop position while breaking records and cementing himself as a sure-fire Hall of Famer. But while Jeter’s bat and leadership thrived, during the later years of his career, he didn’t have much range and wasn’t a dynamic fielder. When Jeter retired, the Yankees were looking for someone to replace him at the shortstop position and they did that when they made a three-team trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Detroit Tigers to acquire Didi Gregorius.

For the last five weeks, we’ve seen what Gregorius could do; he has tremendous range, has a canon for an arm and makes the most difficult plays look simple. Many have raved about Gregorius in camp and even media writers are impressed with Gregorius’s hustle and athleticism. If the Yankees were looking for an upgrade on the defensive side of shortstop, they sure found one in Gregorius.

“I think he’s outstanding in the field,” Joe Girardi said to the media following yesterday’s 6-5 loss to the Rays. “And I think he’s really swung the bat pretty well. You look at his last two weeks, he’s hit the ball consistently hard. He’s hit left-handers, he’s hit right-handers. I feel pretty good about it. … The other day, he smoked a ball (against a lefty). He’s swung the bat against left-handers as well. There’s a lot of talent there. Sometimes it’s just getting that opportunity to do it every day and maybe not looking over your shoulder that really brings it out.”

Gregorius hasn’t been known as a terrific bat, but over the last few weeks he has done well. He’s known for struggling with left handed pitching in ..read more

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Is Adam Warren the front runner in the fifth starter competition?


With only 11 days to go until Opening Day, the Yankees need to make a decision on the fifth starter competition. And while it’s not completely set and stone, it seems Adam Warren is poised to win the competition and claim his rightful spot in the rotation–until Ivan Nova returns from Tommy John Surgery, of course.

Warren further cemented his role in the competition by pitching 3.2 innings of one-run ball in a 6-5 loss against the Tampa Bay Rays.

“He threw well again,” Girardi said to the media following the game. “Not easy conditions to pitch in today either, so I thought he threw the ball, mixed everything in again, and that’s what he’s done all spring.”

We all know Warren is an accomplished reliever, doing well for the Yankees in the bullpen last season, but many question if Warren can bring his success from the bullpen to the rotation.

“I feel like pitching is pitching,” Warren said. “I’ve proved I can pitch at this level. I just got to go out there and learn from some of the guys who have started and learned the mindset of being aggressive, attacking always, getting early outs. But I feel like I’ve got the stuff. It’s just going out there and executing pitches.”

One of the most impressive things about Warren’s outing today was he didn’t have his best stuff, but he also didn’t implode when he had runners in scoring position. He made the right pitch and eventually got out of the inning without furthering the damage.

“I think you just try to keep the foot on the pedal as long as possible,” Warren said. “The biggest thing for me — and I didn’t do ..read more

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Report: Yankees release RHP Jared Burton


Here’s some news that came out of the Yankees organization shortly before today’s game ended.

The Yankees have announced they have unconditionally released RHP Jared Burton from his minor league contract. Burton made a few Spring appearances before he was sidelined with injuries.

Burton didn’t have a legitimate shot to make the ball club but he did try to leave a good impression. Unfortunately, there are only 25 spots on the roster, and too many players are trying to get one of those coveted spots.

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Should we be worried about Carlos Beltran?

Carlos Beltran 6

When the Yankees signed Carlos Beltran to a three-year, $45 Million deal, they were hoping to get something, anything out of the aging right fielder. Unfortunately last season, they didn’t get much especially since he sat out for a good portion of the year with an elbow injury and a declining bat.

Beltran came into camp following elbow surgery in the offseason, and he said his knee and his elbow wouldn’t be an issue. But while he feels healthy, there’s still concern about his agility. Beltran seems to be having difficulty with playing right field and he hasn’t been producing much at the plate this Spring. However, Beltran has said Spring to him is just him getting ready for the season.

“My motion in my arm is a lot better than before,” Beltran said to the New York Daily News back in February. “That’s something that’s good. Hitting wise, I feel good. Some days, when I was just starting to hit, it got tight, but the doctor said that was normal. He said because I have better range of motion now, in spring training, he just wants me to be aware that if I feel something, don’t go crazy. It’s just part of the process.”

But can the fans or even the Yankees count on Beltran at this point of his career? Unless your name is Mariano Rivera, every player suffers from a decline late in their career. It happened to Derek Jeter, it happened to Jorge Posada, it’s happening to Alex Rodriguez and now to Carlos Beltran. As the season begins in 11 short days, there’s questions and concerns on what ..read more

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Spring Training Notes: Betances, Ellsbury, Pirela and Warren


First off, sorry I’ve been a little silent today and haven’t posted much. Word to the wise, it’s better to get sick during Spring Training than it is to get sick during the season. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to even watch the Yankees/Mets game but I did hear Dellin Betances didn’t have such a great game (I’ll get to that in a moment). With that said, here were a few Spring Training notes from today.

— While Dellin Betances was lights out last season, it’s a different story as he approaches Spring Training this year. Betances has given up at least a run in his last four outings, and he continued that trend today when he gave up a two-run home-run to Juan Lagares.

“I’m obviously frustrated,” Betances said. “I mean, it’s been four outings where every time out, I’ve given up a run. Today I felt better, but you got to make a better pitch than that to Lagares. It’s frustrating, but I’m sure I got four more outings left and I’ll do whatever I can to be better for the season.”

Jacoby Ellsbury is scheduled for tee and toss tomorrow. The Yankees are hoping to get Ellsbury some at-bats before the team breaks camp.

— After being diagnosed with a concussion, Jose Pirela has been sitting out with a sore neck and the Yankees don’t want to aggravate the injury.

“Until we get that soreness out, Stevie (Donohue) doesn’t really want to elevate his heart rate a lot to see if the (concussion) symptoms come back,” Girardi said.

— Brian Cashman has all but confirmed Adam Warren will be the fifth starter ..read more

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Flores walk-off homer gives Yankees 9-8 win over Tigers


On a night where Esmil Rogers was competing for the fifth spot in the rotation, he had a tough outing, which forced the Yankees to play catchup. In the end, Ramon Flores‘s three-run home run was the difference, giving the Yankees a 9-8 win over the Detroit Tigers at George M. Steinbrenner Field at Tampa, Florida.

The Yankees scored on a Mark Teixeira RBI double in the first inning. In the bottom of the third, Carlos Beltran hit a SAC Fly to score Brett Gardner.In the bottom of the seventh, Didi Gregorius hit a RBI double, Francisco Arcia grounded into a force out and Kyle Higaishioka worked a bases loaded walk. In the bottom of the ninth, John Ryan Murphy hit a RBI single and Ramon Flores hit a three-run game-winning home run.

Esmil Rogers went three innings, giving up five runs on five hits and walking two. Andrew Miller pitched a scoreless inning, Dellin Betances gave up a run on a hit, Justin Wilson pitched a scoreless inning, Nick Rumbelow gave up two runs in his inning of work, James Pazos pitched a scoreless eighth and Diego Moreno pitched a scoreless ninth.

What’s Next?

— The New York Mets make the three hour trek to Tampa, Florida where they’ll take on Masahiro Tanaka and the New York Yankees. Rafael Montero ..read more

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