Around The Diamond: Second Base


Yesterday, we glanced at first base and evaluated Mark Teixeira along with the lack of depth at the position. Today, we focus on second base where the Yankees have a few legitimate options on the roster and in the minor leagues. 

1. Martin Prado

Martin Prado was one of the trades the Yankees made during the 2014 season and unlike Brandon McCarthy and Chase Headley who became free agents at the end of the season, Prado is under contract for two more years. Prado gives the Yankees a legitimate option at second base, but the fact he’s versatile and can play third base and the outfield makes him an important piece on the roster. Prado hit .313/.336/.541 in 37 games with the Yankees before his season was cut short with appendicitis. However, Yankees fans aren’t complaining about Prado; if it had to come between signing Omar Infante last season and acquiring Martin Prado via free agency, I’m sure they’d choose Prado in a heartbeat.

2. Brendan Ryan

Brendan Ryan is the back-up infielder the Yankees signed strictly for his glove. He’s not expected to hit, but he is expected to field, and if there’s one thing Ryan is good at, it’s manning his position. Obviously, he would be at second on the days Martin Prado needs a day off or if he’s playing another position on the diamond, but I still feel giving Ryan a two-year contract despite not being able to hit is a questionable move.

Now that we’ve listed the major league options at second base, let’s look at the players the Yankees could have compete for a roster spot in Spring Training, including a Yankees prospect that has more

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A week in review: Colbrunn, Denbo, Hitting Coach, Long, Sabathia, Spring Training,

Kevin Long

It was another extremely quiet week for the Yankees, but the World Series got underway. By next week, the 2014 season will be over and Alex Rodriguez will officially come off the restricted list…but let’s save that for next week. This week, the Yankees hired a minor league hitting coach, assigned a new Senior VP of Baseball Operations and their former hitting coach found a new job before the Yankees filled his old position. Here is a week in review.

— The Yankees announced earlier this week they hired Greg Colbrunn to be the minor league hitting coach for the Single-A Charleston RiverDogs. Colbrunn left the Red Sox following the 2014 season to be closer to home. Well, at least the Yankees filled one hitting coach spot so far…just not the one everyone was anticipating.

— Gary Denbo has taken over the head of baseball operations from the recently retired Mark Newman. It was also reported Denbo wasn’t the first choice and Brian Cashman asked Trey Hillman if he wanted the position. Hillman declined and took an on-field job with the Houston Astros.

— As for the Major League hitting coach position, the Yankees had to wipe two potential candidates off the list. Chili Davis accepted a job with the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees told Dave Magadan he wouldn’t be considered for the position. Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York added the Yankees organization wasn’t too thrilled with how talkative Magadan was with the process, which influenced their decision.

—  Kevin Long found a new job just two weeks after getting fired by the Yankees. The New York Mets announced Kevin Long will be their new hitting more

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Video: Foul Territory with Mark Teixeira and Brendan Ryan

It’s been a slow day with the Yankees news, but with all the serious news in New York, I thought I would end the day with something to give you a few chuckles.

This was one of the episodes of “Foul Territory” I missed earlier in the season where Mark Teixeira had Brendan Ryan as a guest. They talked about Ryan’s heritage, Ryan’s dog and they did impressions (Ryan does a really good impression of the late Harry Caray while Teixeira does a good Jack Nicholson). So without further ado, here’ the ‘lost and found’ episode of “Foul Territory”.

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Yankees roster has changed dramatically since 2009


Five years ago today, the New York Yankees won the 2009 American League pennant, advancing to the World Series and defeating the Philadelphia Phillies for their 27th World Series championship, the most in baseball history. The Yankees had one of the most powerful rosters that season and you would think the team wouldn’t have changed much since 2009. Well, five years later the Yankees have advanced to the ALDS twice, the ALCS once, and missed out on the postseason twice. The lack of winning isn’t the only thing that’s changed about the Yankees these days; so did the Yankees roster. Here are the players that played the final game of the American League Championship series five years ago.

  • C Jorge Posada
  • 1B Mark Teixeira
  • 2B Robinson Cano
  • SS Derek Jeter
  • 3B Alex Rodriguez
  • DH Hideki Matsui
  • LF Johnny Damon
  • CF Melky Cabrera/Brett Gardner
  • RF Nick Swisher
  • SP Andy Pettitte
  • RP Joba Chamberlain
  • RP Mariano Rivera
  • As of right now, here’s the roster the Yankees would send out on Opening Day 2015, and let me tell you…it’s not pretty.

  • C Brian McCann
  • 1B Mark Teixeira (?)
  • 2B Martin Prado (?)
  • SS  (????)
  • 3B Alex Rodriguez (?)
  • DH (????)
  • LF Brett Gardner
  • CF Jacoby Ellsbury
  • RF Carlos Beltran (?)
  • SP Masahiro Tanaka / CC Sabathia (?)
  • RP (????)
  • I see you’ve noticed all of the question marks on the 2015 Opening more

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    Around The Diamond: First Base

    Mark Teixeira 3

    Yesterday we took a glimpse at the catching situation with Brian McCann and his three potential back-ups. Today, we’re going to stroll over 90 feet up the first baseline where the Yankees have one first basemen signed through 2016, no potential backup on the Major League roster but a legitimate option in Triple-A . 

    1. Mark Teixeira

    When the Yankees signed Mark Teixeira to an eight-year contract in 2009, they figured they were going to have an All-Star caliber first basemen throughout the 2016 season. After six seasons of Teixeira’s contract, it’s safe to conclude the contract had been an utter disappointment. Teixeira, who was predicted to be a 150+ game player, hasn’t played more than 150 games since 2011, and he’s been plagued with injuries in the last three years. He had less than 100 RBI’s in the last three years and he’s openly said he’s no longer capable of playing an entire season. Also, for a player that says he’d play through anything, he’s been out of the lineup with just the littlest inconvenience. A player who makes money like Teixeira does should have more pain tolerance; Martin Prado played (very well might I add) with pain in his stomach before needing an appendectomy. That’s the type of player Teixeira has to be health wise, grinding through anything and everything.

    With Teixeira injury prone and ineffective these days, you would wonder if the Yankees had a back-up first basemen in the organization. The Yankees are able to slot a few players at first base, but they don’t have one player on the Major League roster that’s a true first basemen. But, here are the “in-house” options the Yankees have to choose from next year.

    1. Brian McCann

    McCann is more

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    Report: Yankees hire Greg Colbrunn as minor league hitting coach

    The Yankees finally filled the hitting coach position…just not in the Major Leagues.

    According to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News, the Yankees have hired former Red Sox hitting coach Greg Colbrunn to be the hitting coach of the Single-A Charleston RiverDogs. Colbrunn previously worked with the RiverDogs from 2007 – 2012 before taking a hitting coach position with the Red Sox.

    Colbrunn left the Red Sox following the 2014 season after revealing he wanted to be close to home. Colbrunn lives in Charleston during the offseason.

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    Report: Eric Hinske turns down Yankees hitting coach job


    Since Chili Davis was signed to a deal by the Red Sox and the Yankees decided Dave Magadan wasn’t a proper fit for the organization, the team decided to call former Yankee Eric Hinske to see if he’d be interested in the position. Instead, Hinske turned down the offer of being the new hitting coach for the ball-club.

    According to George A. King of the New York Post, Hinske, who played for the Yankees in 2009, opted to remain with the Chicago Cubs where he’s currently serving as the first base coach. It’s also worth mentioning Hinske has no experience with being a hitting coach, and it seems the Yankees aren’t being shy of calling people with little to no experience.

    Hinske isn’t the only name that had been floating around for the vacant position: James Rowson and Dante Bichette were also mentioned as possible candidates. The Yankees fired their hitting coach Kevin Long after eight seasons with the team, and he has since found a job with the Yankees crosstown rivals the New York Mets.

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    AL East suffers another shake-up as Joe Maddon opts out of contract with Rays


    Since 2008, when the Yankees would visit Tampa in order to play the Tampa Bay Rays or when the Rays came to the Bronx to face the Yankees, one of the constants was seeing the “Battle of Joe’s”: Joe Girardi vs. Joe Maddon. Well, that won’t happen next year as the American League East has another shake-up.

    According to Buster Olney of ESPN, Joe Maddon has exercised the opt-out clause and will not manage the Rays in 2015. Maddon managed the Tampa Bay Rays from 2006 – 2014 and he’s a two-time Manager of the Year winner, winning the awards in 2008 and 2011.

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