Yankees worry Mark Teixeira’s focus has shifted elsewhere

Mark Teixeira 4

Mark Teixeira is one of the highest paid first basemen in all of baseball, he was a pivotal part in the 2009 season and at the time of his signing, fans thought they had one of the best first basemen in the game. However, Mark Teixeira has become more of a headache as his contract goes on, and he’s officially become extremely injury prone.

Teixeira would tell the media he would play no matter what injuries he had, but Teixeira missed multiple games with leg injuries, dizziness and wrist injuries. There were times during the season where you wished Teixeira had the same pain tolerance as Derek Jeter. In addition, Teixeira’s numbers have declined at the plate; his home-run and RBI numbers have declined, his OBP and batting average has also suffered and to top things off, Texeira doesn’t seem interested in fixing the issue.

Brian Cashman addressed the issue when he re-signed his three-year contract last week.

“The analytics have proven that certain guys obviously have tendencies that opposing defenses can take advantage of,” Cashman said.

Fans would know Cashman was discussing Brian McCann (who showed a late season turn around) and of course, Teixeira.

ESPN went further into the issue as Wally Matthews discussed all of Teixeira’s “outside interests” and how it’s possible Teixeira’s other interests are taking him away from the job the Yankees are paying him to do.

A baseball insider I spoke with this week said Teixeira’s “outside interests” — he is financially involved in real estate holdings, a chain of juice bars, and is working to create what he called a “marriage of baseball and social media” — had become a point of concern, with some wondering how badly he still wanted to be a baseball ..read more

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Report: Korean SS Jung-Ho Kang to be posted this offseason

The Free Agent market is about to have one more shortstop for teams to choose from this offseason.

According to Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe, the Nexen Heroes will post Jung-Ho Kang this offseason via the posting process. The posting system for Korean players is similar to the old posting rules for Japanese players, which means MLB teams will place blind bids for the right to negotiate with Kang for a maximum of 30 days.

In 2014, Kang hit .360/.463/.756 in 107 games and it was one of his biggest seasons since becoming an every day player in 2008. Now, before you get too excited, I don’t think this is the person the Yankees should acquire to replace Derek Jeter because he has one glaring issue when it comes to his approach at the plate. River Avenue Blues wrote this small scouting report on Kang when they were asked about him during one of their mailbags.

Kang is said to be a true shortstop with strong defense, and his best offensive tool is his big power from the right side. Supposedly he’s a dead fastball hitter who struggles against good breaking pitches, which would be a major concern if true. Remember, Kang is playing in Korea, where the level of competition is even lower than Japan.

I remember reading something a few years ago that pointed it almost all the successful position players to come over from Asia were outfielders because the game on the infield is simply too fast and too big of an adjustment. Akinori Iwamura is the most notable recent Asian import to make it work on the infield in MLB, and he was nothing more than a league ..read more

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Report: Magadan out of running for Yankees hitting coach


The Yankees have crossed off their biggest candidate for the hitting coach position and it could have been because they didn’t like what they saw.

According to Chad Jennings of Lohud.com, the Yankees will not hire Dave Magadan for the hitting coach position. Magadan currently is the hitting coach for the Texas Rangers, but the organization allowed the coaches to speak with other organizations. Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York added the Yankees people weren’t thrilled Magadan was very talkative with the process, even giving away when they’d make a decision, but there’s no saying how big this factored into the decision.

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Report: Gary Denbo to replace Mark Newman as Yankees Sr. VP of Baseball Operations

The Yankees have announced Mark Newman’s replacement as the team begins to prepare for the 2015 campaign.

According to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News, the Yankees have selected Gary Denbo to replace Newman as the new Sr. Vice President of Baseball Operations. Newman recently retired from the position following the conclusion of the 2014 season.

Denbo worked in the scouting and development department within and was also the recently retired Derek Jeter‘s hitting adviser.

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Yankees release 2015 Spring Training Schedule

Steinbrenner FIeld


Ladies and gentlemen, time to mark your calendars because the 2015 Spring Training schedule has been released.

The Yankees are slated to kick things off on March 4th against the Philadelphia Phillies at 1:05 p.m and they will play their final game before the regular season begins on April 3rd against the Washington Nationals at 1:05 p.m.

There’s no television schedule as of yet, but you can buy season Spring Training tickets now. For single game tickets, you can purchase them starting January 9, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.

UPDATE: The New York Yankees announced pitchers and catchers will report on February 20  and position players will report on February 25. Also to help transition into a new era, just know…Derek Jeter won’t be there, but Alex Rodriguez will be.

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Mick Kelleher retires after 46 years in baseball


I’ll admit, I was extremely saddened when I found out the Yankees had fired Mick Kelleher, because the struggles that occurred with the team weren’t his fault. Instead, Brian Cashman said it was more of a ‘personnel issue’. Well, the story gets just a little bit sadder.

According to Sweeny Murti, Kelleher announced he was retiring after spending 46 years in baseball.  Kelleher spent 16 seasons with the New York Yankees before he was fired last week along with hitting coach Kevin Long.

Just from watching the games, Kelleher seemed like a really nice guy, and the media thought he was an all-around great and patient man in the clubhouse. If you weren’t a baseball fan and happened to casually just watch a Yankees game, you would see his personality shine through and think he seemed like a great man. It’s just sad news all around, but at the end of the day, baseball is a business…and what a sad business it is.

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Red Sox hire Chili Davis as their hitting coach


If the Yankees were planning on hiring Chili Davis, they’re going to have to scratch his name off the list because he’s found a job with a known rival.

According to MLB.com, the Boston Red Sox hired Chili Davis as their hitting coach, taking away one potential suitor for the hitting coach position in New York. Davis was previously a coach with the Oakland Athletics.

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Video: Reggie Jackson hits three homers in 1977 Fall Classic

Is anyone else ready for more postseason throwbacks? Sure, it’s not throwback Thursday, but I forgot to post this one yesterday since this play happened on October 18, 1977.

I wasn’t born when this play happened, but for the older generation that remember the great Reggie Jackson, here’s him in all his glory, hitting three home runs in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series and earning the title of Mr. October. There’s also a Mr. November but that’s another topic for another day. Sit back and enjoy the Yankees in all their World Series glory…because I’d literally give anything to have the Yankees back in the Fall Classic.

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