Yankees show interest in Dave Magadan as they search for a hitting coach


With both the New York Yankees and the New York Mets in need of a hitting coach, they’ve both picked up the phone and had preliminary phone calls to Dave Magadan, asking if he had interest in the hitting coach position.

“I have been called about that, it’s in the preliminary stages and that’s all I can say about it,’’ Magadan told The New York Post when asked about talking to the Yankees.

Asked about the Mets, Magadan said, “Same thing, preliminary phone calls to see if I had interest.’’

Magadan was a former first basemen for the New York Mets and he is currently in the Texas Rangers organization as the Rangers hitting coach through the 2015 season. However, because Ron Washington resigned during the final month of the season, the Rangers have given Magadan and the other coaches permission to talk to other teams about potential jobs opportunities.

“They are letting all their coaches, under contract or not, talk to other teams because of the manager situation,’’ Magadan said.

The Yankees opened the hitting coach position when they fired Kevin Long on Friday, and since then Long has gained interest from other teams such as the Mets, the Red Sox, the Braves, the Blue Jays, the Brewers and the Diamondbacks. The Mets on the other hand fired their hitting coach Dave Hudgens in late May and his replacement, Lamar Johnson, isn’t returning next season.

If Magadan does leave the Rangers, then that could open a spot for Long with Texas, but even Long has said he’s not close to landing a job as of yet. All the talks he’s had from other teams have simply been preliminary phone calls.

“I am not even ..read more

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Report: Kenta Maeda might not be posted this offseason

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Earlier this month, Kenta Maeda expressed interest in pitching in the Major Leagues, even going as far as saying he’d pitch for either the Boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees. Now, his plans could be dashed and the Yankees could lose the chance of bulking up their rotation.

According to the New York Daily News, The Hiroshima Carp owner Hajime Matsuda  is reluctant to post the 26-year-old after the pitcher went 11-9 with a 2.60 ERA. The 2.60 ERA is considered a disappointment considering Maeda went 1.53 and 2.10 the last two seasons.

“We have the right. We would like to let him go, but based on his production this year it will be difficult,” Kyodo quoted Matsuda saying. Maeda, who has said he wants to pitch in the majors, could be a free agent in 2017.

The Yankees are currently meeting to plan out the offseason which includes finding a new starting pitcher and finding a replacement for Derek Jeter.


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AL East suffers shakeup with Andrew Friedman going to Dodgers


This doesn’t affect the Yankees per say, but this does affect the American League East as a whole.

Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times announced the Tampa Bay Rays have lost their longtime general manager Andrew Friedman as he moves to the Los Angeles Dodgers front office. Matt Silverman will take Friedman’s position at the baseball operations department.

Friedman was the Rays GM since 2005 and was one of the key components to the Rays building relevant and consistent teams year after year.

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Report: Yankees considering Omar Minaya for high-ranking position in front office


As the Yankees attempt to fill the holes in the front office, one name seems to be getting hefty consideration to join the Yankees in some sort of role.

According to Erik Boland of Newsday, the Yankees have had serious conversations with Omar Minaya, who is now senior VP of the San Diego Padres. Minaya, who was the General Manager of the New York Mets, is close to Yankees GM Brian Cashman, but it wasn’t revealed specifically what front office position he was applying for. Andy Martino of the New York Daily News did say that Minaya wasn’t being considered to replace Mark Newman, who is retiring following the 2014 season but the Yankees would be interested in having Minaya in either an advisory role or a scouting role.

Mets fans are rather opinionated on Minaya during his tenure with the Yankees crosstown rivals, but he is responsible for drafting some of the young talent the Mets have in their farm system. Despite his shortcomings with the Mets, he’s still well respected around baseball and if Brian Cashman decides to sign him, then it could solve one of the relatively small problems the Yankees have within the ..read more

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Report: Mets, Blue Jays, Red Sox, Braves interested in Kevin Long


Well, it looks like former Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long won’t be without a job for long.

According to Mark Feinsand of The Daily News, Kevin Long has received interest from the New York Mets, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves for a hitting coach position. Feinsand added the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Milwaukee Brewers also have interest.

Long was fired late last week after the Yankees announced a new deal for General Manager Brian Cashman.

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Video: Happy Birthday to…’The Flip Play’

With no baseball tonight (the Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles are rained out), I decided to look through some video from past Yankees postseasons and today happens to be the 13th anniversary of the famous ‘Flip Play’ featuring none other than Yankee great Derek Jeter. It tuns out that once Jeter did this play during the postseason, the minor leaguers in Spring Training the following year had to learn how Jeter did the play. Personally, I don’t think this is something that can be taught. This was all Jeter, all instinct.

So Happy Birthday, ‘Flip Play’. This play will forever be in the history books as one of the best plays of all time.

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Letting Robertson go could start a (bad) chain reaction


The Yankees have plenty of things to do this offseason and one of the first things they should focus on is re-signing their homegrown closer David Robertson to a contract. Now, there are fans that want Brian Cashman to offer Robertson a qualifying offer and try to pursue him should he turn down the offer but there are also fans that want to see Dellin Betances take over the closer role and let Robertson walk. Now, let’s pretend the Yankees did let Robertson walk. What kind of chain reaction would happen if Robertson went elsewhere?

If Robertson walked away from the Yankees, Dellin Betances would be the closer but would be able to handle the closer role? What if he has a sophomore slump and doesn’t do as well as he did his freshman year with the Yankees? Would it be wise to slide Betances into the closer role after one good season versus several good seasons with Robertson?

The next issue would be bridging the gap from the sixth inning to the ninth inning. If David Robertson were on the team, the Yankees would only have to worry about bridging the gap between the sixth and eighth inning. However, let’s say Betances was moved all the way to the ninth inning. Who would fill the extra inning? Adam Warren? Shawn Kelley? Esmil Rogers? David Huff? All the names I listed are good, but there’s a common theme with these four; inconsistency. When they came out of the bullpen during the 2014 season, they were either very sharp or they were hit all over the place. If they bring that game plan ..read more

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Yankees make shopping list for the offseason


Imagine you enter the supermarket with a list in your hand, a piece of paper with a list of all the essentials you need. Now apply that analogy with Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees. It’s not all that different; when you’re at the supermarket, you’re buying product goods and when you’re Brian Cashman looking through the free agent market, you’re buying the services of players to help make your team better.

Today, the Yankees are going to start looking through free agent scouting reports as they attempt to build the Yankees into a playoff caliber team. The first thing the Yankees need to do is to fill some of the holes on the roster and in order to figure out what holes they have, I made a quick list.

— Hitting Coach – First Base Coach – Starting Pitcher – Shortstop – Third Basemen – Closer

So now that we have the list all figured out, let’s go into depth about each.

— The Yankees need a new hitting coach and first base coach after firing Kevin Long and Mick Kelleher. The question is, who?

— Staring pitching wise, they could sign Brandon McCarthy after he impressed the team during the second half of the season but will the Yankees become enticed with the other names such as Jon Lester and Max Scherzer?

— Shortstop wise, the Yankees don’t have many options on the free agent market and once J.J. Hardy was signed to an extension with the Baltimore Orioles, the obvious option for right now seems to be Stephen Drew.

— Looking into the third base market, Chase Headley is one of the top prizes and he also expressed ..read more

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