Report: Yankees and Mets interested in Stephen Drew


In the past, the Yankees would occasionally glance over Stephen Drew because they had Derek Jeter as their shortstop. This offseason, it’s an entirely different story as the Yankees are interested in re-signing him following an in-house look during the second half of 2014. The issue? The New York Mets also have interest in Stephen Drew.

According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Yankees and Mets both intend to push for Drew, but they’re not alone in the Drew sweepstakes; the Oakland Athletics also have interest in Drew.

More from Heyman:

New York’s teams showed interest in Drew last season, but things have changed quite a bit since. For one thing, the Yankees need to replace retired Derek Jeter. For another, Drew no longer has a draft choice attached to him.

Drew also is coming off a poor offensive season, lowering his asking price. Presumably, he’d consider a one-year deal and look to improve his fortunes next winter. Drew is considered a very good defensive shortstop, but he struggled with the bat last year with the Red Sox and Yankees, finishing at .162.

Drew is a part of a thin shortstop class which includes All-Star Hanley Ramirez and Jed Lowire. Alexei Ramirez and Elvis Andrus are also reportedly on the shortstop market via a more

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Hot Stove: Could the Yankees have a reunion with Nick Swisher?


Nick Swisher has two-years left on his contract with the Cleveland Indians, but the Indians are looking to trade their first basemen/outfielder. With that in mind, would the Yankees be interested in having a reunion with their former right fielder?

According to Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish, he believes the Yankees could be a fit for Swisher, who is coming off the worst season of his career. In his last four years with the Yankees, Swisher hit .268/.367/.483 but he’s had some struggles in Cleveland. Just last season, he was only able to play 97 games due to injury and hit .208/.278/.331.

Nick Swisher to the Yankees could be an interesting move, considering Carlos Beltran is not a lock to play everyday after having offseason elbow surgery. Beltran’s also turning 38 in April. The Yankees could use Swisher’s services at first base as well if the Alex Rodriguez to first experiment doesn’t work out and if Mark Teixeira has another injury riddled season.

Nick Swisher returning to the Bronx could revive his career, and considering he was a fan favorite before he left, the fans would most likely welcome him back with open arms. (But he’d have to hit better in the postseason. Four hits in an entire postseason per year will not cut it if the Yankees advance to October more

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Hot Stove: While there’s a small chance, don’t expect the Yankees to pursue Max Scherzer


Yesterday, we tinkered with the idea of the Yankees possibly pursuing  Max Scherzer after Scott Boras, Scherzer’s agent, spoke with the Yankees staff during the GM Meetings. However, while the idea of having Scherzer in pinstripes is intriguing, he most likely won’t become a Yankee, especially with a draft pick attached to him.

A source told Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News, the Yankees most likely won’t step away from their original plan of staying away from the big free agents, especially with their focus on re-signing closer David Robertson. The Yankees also have $170 Million committed to 11 players, with five of them (Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez, Jacoby Ellsbury & Masahiro Tanaka) expecting to make $20 Million in 2015.

More from Feinsand:

The Yankees already have more than $170 million committed to 11 players, including five — Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez, Masahiro Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury — set to earn more than $20 million apiece. Six players are eligible for arbitration, which will add roughly $10 million-$12 million to the payroll if they are all tendered contracts.

Signing a player such as Scherzer would tack on another $25 million or so to the payroll, while the Yankees would still need to add a reliever — either David Robertson or another late-inning replacement such as Luke Gregerson or more

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Throwback: Chase Headley has walk-off hit in first game as a Yankee

I noticed for the last two weeks there hasn’t been a “Throwback Thursday” video mostly because of the Yankees making nonstop headlines. Although it’s not Thursday, it’s been a quiet enough day where we can slide in a throwback video from the 2014 season.

On your first day of school, you want to make a good first impression with your teachers and classmates. In baseball, it’s the same analogy. When Chase Headley entered the Yankees dugout for the first time, he wanted to make a good first impression on his teammates and the coaching staff. Headley was able to do more by giving the Yankees a walk-off win in his first day of pinstripes. I wonder if this game has been made into a Yankees Classic yet? I think it should be. Enjoy the walk-off clip.

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Brian Cashman to raise awareness for homeless youth

Brian Cashman 5

When Brian Cashman isn’t making transactions with other teams to improve the New York Yankees, he’s raising awareness for homeless youth by sleeping on the streets of New York City.

Cashman, along with more than approximately 750 sports leaders, entertainment and business, will have a nationwide Sleep Out on Thursday, November 20th.

“Covenant House is a place where homeless youth not only find a safe place from the streets, but also a place where kids who have had a tough start in life get a second chance,” Cashman said. “Covenant House provides job training, education and long-term housing — everything that homeless young people need to turn their lives around.”

Cashman does this every year, and the fact he’s continuing the tradition is simply incredible. There’s also one other thing Cashman does every year; rappelling off a building in an elf costume, but that’s another story for another day.

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Hot Stove: Will the Yankees revisit their plans and go for Max Scherzer?


Earlier this offseason, the Yankees vowed to stay away from big free agent names James Shields, Max Scherzer, Jon Lester or Pablo Sandoval. However, as Hot Stove season continues, it seems entirely possible the Yankees could revisit their concept on sitting out this offseason and reach out to one of the names on the list.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says in the chance the Yankees are interested in one of the big free agents, the idea of Max Scherzer and the Yankees could be a good fit.

More from Heyman:

Nothing has been decided yet, but it seems the Yankees may revisit their initial instinct to largely sit this winter out, at least when it comes to baseball’s biggest free agents. They still may do that, but if there’s one name that seems to intrigue them it’s very likely Scherzer, baseball’s leader in wins (55) and strikeouts (723) among all pitchers over the past three seasons.

The Yankees initial plan was for them to stay away from the big free agents aside from closer David Robertson and they seem interested in bringing the old gang back together; they recently re-signed Chris Young, are attempting to re-sign Chase Headley and have expressed interest in Chris Capuano and Brandon McCarthy.

The Yankees already have two pitchers with large contracts (CC Sabathia & Masahiro Tanaka) but it’s almost impossible to rely on them in 2015 considering they have so many question marks. Will CC Sabathia return to his workhorse/ace self? more

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Brian Cashman will test his theory and have Alex Rodriguez at first base

Alex Rodriguez 9

Brian Cashman’s made it clear Alex Rodriguez can’t be counted on at third base until he proves he can play the position, so where’s an aging 39-year-old supposed to play on the days the Yankees need the DH spot? Well, how about first base?

Ken Davidoff of the New York Post said the Yankees will test the waters and have Alex Rodriguez play first base during Spring Training.

“We’re going to get him exposed to [first base]. It doesn’t mean he’ll be a viable option. But we just want to test the waters on it,” Cashman said. “I think there was an area of vulnerability for us last year that was really predicated because of the outfield alignment that we had. We had more outfielders than necessary because the guaranteed commitments that we had kicked in, so I couldn’t get a backup first baseman situation. But hopefully we can alleviate that this year.”

Having Rodriguez as a backup first basemen wouldn’t be the worst idea. Mark Teixeira is bound to miss some time considering he’s been injury prone in the last few seasons and Rodriguez isn’t going to get much playing time at third after coming off of two hip surgeries. The Yankees are actively searching for a third basemen to replace Rodriguez and reports say they’re currently working on contract negotiations with Chase Headley. Of course, the Yankees are focusing on two things before signing a third basemen: finding a replacement for Derek Jeter and re-signing their closer David more

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Notes Around The League: Martin, Heyward, Miller, Stanton


Lots of weird stuff is happening in the Major Leagues this afternoon and while most of it doesn’t affect the Yankees, it’s still news that’s heating up the Hot Stove.

Russell MartinThe Toronto Blue Jays have signed Russell Martin to a five-year, $82 Million contract. This affects the Yankees for one reason: they have to see Martin 19 games a season for the next five years when the Yankees and Blue Jays clash.

Jason Heyward & Shelby MillerThe Atlanta Braves and the St. Louis Cardinals have agreed on a trade, sending Jason Heyward to the Cardinals and Shelby Miller to the Braves. The Cardinals needed a right fielder and the Braves needed arms, so in the end it was a good deal for the both of them.

Giancarlo StantonThe Miami Marlins and Giancarlo Stanton have reportedly agreed on a 13-year, $325 Million contract with an opt out clause after the fifth season.  Stanton’s contract will surpass Alex Rodriguez‘s contract as the largest contract in baseball history. It’s good the Marlins locked up one of their star players–maybe they feel with Stanton’s help they could potentially reach the more

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