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The Yankees 2016 season is more than halfway through, and so far there has been more disappointment than success. One of the main disappointments this season has been Michael Pineda, who gave up five runs in a 5-3 loss to the Boston Red Sox. Yankees manager Joe Girardi confirmed Pineda […]

Yankees “don’t have a choice” on keeping Pineda in the rotation

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The Yankees kick off a 10-game home stand at Yankee Stadium on Friday night as the team prepares to take on the Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles and San Francisco Giants. However, these next 10 games are vital to the Yankees as they still dwindle between being buyers and sellers […]

Next 10 games of home stand could determine whether Yankees buy ...

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Let’s face it: the first half of the Yankees 2016 season was a gigantic mess. The team ended up being only at the .500 mark and there are only 74 games left in the Yankees regular season schedule. If the Yankees want a chance to clinch the second Wild Card […]

What do the Yankees have to do to have a good ...

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Every year there are 20 or so prospects who, depending on who you ask, should have been in the top 50. If they don’t deserve that honor, perhaps they are on the right track and look like they could be in the top 50 by the end of the year […]

BBDP: Top 50 prospects; the next 20

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As the Yankees proved with Andrew Miller, all of the Yankees are actively on the trading block if the team receives an offer they can’t refuse. And one of the players that could bring the Yankees a decent return is Mark Teixeira. Now, Teixeira has a no-trade clause in his […]

Mark Teixeira not interested in discussing no-trade clause

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There’s no doubt that Carlos Beltran has been the best all-around player for the Yankees over the first half of the season. But with Beltran’s value rising, it means other teams will want him, and the Yankees would be faced with the possibility of parting with Beltran at the end […]

Yankees could have a trade partner for Carlos Beltran

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When it comes to the MLB Trade Deadline, everyone is available. Even if you’re Yankees reliever Andrew Miller. The Yankees technically don’t have to trade Miller, because Miller won’t be a free agent next season and he won’t get a hefty pay raise from another team. But if the Yankees […]

Yankees would trade Andrew Miller if they were “blown away”

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The Yankees took a step in the right direction on Sunday afternoon when the team put themselves at the .500 mark prior to the All-Star break. But now that the trade deadline is two weeks away, it leaves the team at a crossroad: do they have enough pieces to make […]

Should the Yankees trade Aroldis Chapman?

Alex+Rodriguez+New+York+Yankees+v+Boston+Red+Vxr2pkJofVwl 8
Alex Rodriguez spent Sunday afternoon’s game in a familiar place: on the Yankees bench. But now, Rodriguez is going to get himself into playing shape before the team returns to game action on Friday against the Boston Red Sox. A source told Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News […]

Alex Rodriguez to take grounders at first base during All-Star break

Didi+Gregorius+Boston+Red+Sox+v+New+York+Yankees+mOJkHivfJSKl 7
It’s never a good thing to get drilled in the shoulder, but as far as the timing goes, Didi Gregorius timed the moment perfectly. During the Yankees 11-7 win over the Cleveland Indians, Gregorius was hit in the shoulder on a hit by pitch. And despite Gregorius staying in the […]

Didi Gregorius suffers shoulder injury but should be OK for Friday

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Yankees @ Indians FINAL: Yankees 11, Indians 7 WIN: Nathan Eovaldi (7-6, 5.18 ERA) LOSS: Carlos Carrasco (5-3, 2.47 ERA) In the final game before the All-Star break, the Yankees had a chance to reach the .500 mark for the umpteenth time this season. And when things were bleak, the […]

Yankees end first half with 11-7 win over Indians