Jeter will keep his emotions in check until after the game


Derek Jeter did his usual routine when he walked into Yankee Stadium earlier this afternoon, but as anyone could figure this wasn’t just any game for him; this was his last home game…ever. He’ll only have one more chance to don the pinstripes, to lead the team onto the field and to get his own chant during roll call. Mariano Rivera was in this situation last year when it was his final game, so will Jeter feel emotional knowing this will be the last time he’ll play at Yankee Stadium?

“Afterwards,” Jeter said. “It’s tough for me to start getting emotional and sentimental before I’ve got to play. So let me play the game first. I’ll let you know how I felt about it afterwards.”

Jeter didn’t make any decisions when it came to playing this weekend against the Boston Red Sox. If the Yankees were in contention, it would be a given. However, the Yankees only have four games left in the season until they pack up for the winter, so right now it’s pretty hard to read Jeter. One thing was clear: Jeter wanted the game to be played and he wanted the rain to go away.

“My feelings are, I hope the rain stops,” Jeter said. “That’s basically it.”

Some Notes

— With the Derek Jeter fanfare, it’s pretty easy to overlook Hiroki Kuroda and Ichiro Suzuki. Ichiro could play next season, but it most likely won’t be with the Yankees considering there would be no room for him. As for Hiroki Kuroda, he hasn’t announced if he was going to retire or not.

“No he has not (announced his plans),” Girardi said. “Obviously that’s something he’ll sit down after more

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Yankee Stadium to open their gates at 4 p.m. for Jeter home finale

Yankee Stadium 4

Despite the rain in the New York City area, the New York Yankees announced they are going to open the Yankee Stadium gates at 4 p.m. for Derek Jeter‘s home finale. Major League Baseball is monitoring the situation and they’ll make a decision on the game as time goes on. The game is expected to be delayed but at this point, it won’t be postponed.

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Derek Jeter reaches the end, but gives lessons in life and baseball


Everyone in their life remembers their first baseball trinket. It could have been a signed baseball by your favorite player, it could have been a baseball glove or it could have been the chance to meet your childhood hero. Mine was simply a Yankees t-shirt.

I remember my father gave me an over sized t-shirt when I was 10-years-old,  the shirt going just below my knees and the ‘short’ sleeves going past my elbows. I remember glancing at the interlocking ‘NY’ in awe as my father told me the shirt I was wearing was special. He told me the player’s name written on the back of my shirt had already done amazing things and he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. The player on the back of my t-shirt…was Derek Jeter.

In a way, Derek Jeter was one of the reasons I became a Yankees fan. Jeter had this poise and confidence that simply couldn’t be taught. He was truly a leader and it was evident when he would sacrifice his body for the game. I’ll never forget my reaction to Derek Jeter’s dive into the stands against the Boston Red Sox; I didn’t think much of it at first, but when I saw his face was beaten and bruised, I started to cry. I remembered asking my father why Jeter did what he did, why he went into the stands to get the baseball and why he risked his entire body for a game in July.

My father simply told me, “Because he loves baseball and baseball loves him back.”

I never thought of it that way before. I was young, so I didn’t understand how baseball could love. I admit I took the phrase literally. But it wasn’t until I realized baseball could love a person back. The more Jeter more

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Yankees fans reflect and say goodbye to Derek Jeter


Derek Jeter has meant so much to Major League Baseball, but he’s also meant so much to the New York Yankees and their fans. Yesterday, I asked Yankees fans this question: “How would you describe Derek Jeter in 140 characters or less?” (the 140 characters because the question was asked on Twitter). First off, thank you to those who answered the question because there would be no ‘fan reflection of Derek Jeter’ post without the fans. With that said, here were the responses.

“Classy guy who had a Hall of Fame career.” - @Doug_Rush

“The Captain. Classy. Role Model. Leader. Champion. The Flip. The Dive. Professional. Rookie of the Year. MVP. 1st ballot HOF.” - @BxRich3

“He will always be the Captain. He brought championships, leadership and highlights. He will be missed.” - @LittleJimmy61

“When they say leaders are born, not made, they might be describing Derek Jeter. Leader by example on and off the field. #champion.” - @Gersh_Essential

“One of the best to ever put on the pinstripes. A man who held down the Bronx since 1996. #HallofFamer #Mr3000″ - @N8_JDMFTW

“Great talent, Success, Pride, Leader, Captain, Team player, Humility, Role model, Class, One of the GOAT = Derek Jeter” - @AleksToro

“Classy. The Captain. Shortstop. Champion. Athletic. MVP. All about the fans. Role Model. Puts the team before himself. A winner.” - @jeter_fan26

“Derek Jeter epitomizes everything that’s good about this game. Truly one of the most iconic figures in sports and a champion.” - @austin_burnett

“Fantastic, greatest shortstop of all time and what it means to be a Yankee! A true team player that people could look up to. A legend.” – @CanesEagles1

“A true role model for the kids of today. Clean living and respect for all.” – @saprutt

“Derek Jeter is the greatest player of our time who played the game with heart everyday. #Respect2Jeter always! Our #Captain!” – @Jayb725L

“Jeter more

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Yankees officially eliminated from postseason contention


It was something the fans knew for the last few weeks and today it became a reality: The Yankees were eliminated from postseason contention after falling to the Baltimore Orioles 9-5. With the Yankees being eliminated, Joe Girardi declared Carlos Beltran and Jacoby Ellsbury have been shut down for the remainder of the season and he’ll discuss with Derek Jeter whether he’s going to play in all three games at Fenway Park.

Derek Jeter’s final home game is tomorrow (weather permitting) and his last game ever should he choose to play would be Sunday afternoon.

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Joe Girardi feels Jeter’s place is second in the lineup

Derek Jeter 23

Joe Girardi was once again asked by reporters today if he felt the team suffered because Derek Jeter batted second and played shortstop almost the entire season. It felt like a ridiculous question considering Jeter only have five more games before he retires, but like any good manager does, Joe Girardi answered it anyway.

“No,” Girardi said. “There’s been so much talk about this during the course of the season, and I’ve said, you look at Derek, he had a slow April. He had a pretty good May, a pretty good June and pretty good July. We had a lot of guys who struggled in August and a lot of guys who struggled in September. A lot of the focus has been on him, because of who he is, obviously, but look at our numbers in September. Look at what a lot of the guys have done. You could move guys around, but you move a guy up who’s hitting .200 to replace a guy who’s hitting .220. There’s been a lot of talk about it. You asked me (jokingly) why I didn’t move him up to third yesterday. Collectively, as a group, we have not hit as much as we thought we would have. And that’s been the bigger issue to me than maybe one guy or a spot in the lineup.”

Girardi not only has to plan the entire lineup, but he also has to find a way to manage 25 players who all have different personalities and perspectives. But you have to wonder if everyone in the clubhouse would have responded negatively if Girardi placed Jeter lower in the order.

“It could have had a ripple effect, sure,” Girardi said. “I think that any move that you more

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Yankees on the brink of elimination in 5-4 loss to Orioles


The Yankees are currently on the brink of elimination, and a rough start by Brandon McCarthy gave the Yankees a 5-4 loss to the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York.

The Yankees were able to get on the board in the fourth inning on a Chris Young ground out, scoring Chase Headley on the play. In the bottom of the sixth inning, Stephen Drew hit a sacrifice fly and in the seventh, Brian McCann hit a two-run home run, cutting the deficit to one run.

Brandon McCarthy in his final start of the season went 5.1 innings, giving up five runs on 11 hits and striking out eight. Rich Hill retired a batter, Esmil Rogers pitched 1.1 scoreless innings, Dellin Betances pitched a scoreless inning and David Robertson pitched a scoreless ninth.

What’s Next?

— There’s an afternoon game as the Yankees attempt to take game three of the four game set against the Orioles. First pitch is at 1:05 p.m. and the game will air on the YES more

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Mark Teixeira returns to the lineup following cortisone shot


Mark Teixeira has returned to the Yankees lineup following a third cortisone shot in his surgically repaired wrist and he’s aiming to play the rest of the season with hopes that his injury doesn’t flair up again.

“I’ve gone through all the basic tests, and it seems to have taken,” Teixeira said. “Unless something crazy happens during BP, I should be fine.”

Teixeira also discussed his offseason workout routine. He says he usually takes the entire month off before getting into the swing of things, but this time he’s going to only take a week off before he starts his workout.

“Get right back into strengthening,” he said. “My upper body strengthening really didn’t start full time until January (last offseason). Like I’ve told you guys a number of times, I definitely need to get stronger, my whole upper body, but definitely the wrist. … We’re past the rehab point. We need to get into the strengthening point. The strength will help the inflammation stay out of there. Hopefully the little things in my legs that happened this year, I just need to get stronger from top to bottom, but especially the wrist.”

Some Notes

Carlos Beltran and Jacoby Ellsbury aren’t doing baseball activity but Ellsbury is working on light exercises just to see how his hamstring responds. Girardi’s intent of using Ellsbury and Beltran depends solely on if the Yankees are in the Wild Card race.

“That’s probably fair to say,” Girardi said. “My guess is, we wouldn’t push it (if the team were eliminated).”

Derek Jeter will most likely play the three games in Boston, even if the Yankees are eliminated from postseason contention.

“My plan is to play him,” Girardi said. more

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