Report: Cubs drop out of David Robertson sweepstakes


Just a day after the Detroit Tigers dropped out of the David Robertson sweepstakes, another team has made the decision they won’t spend money on him.

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Chicago Cubs are reportedly out of the Robertson sweepstakes. He claims the Cubs aren’t spending money on a big closer which immediately scratches Robertson’s name from their radar.

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Report: David Robertson seeking ‘Jonathan Papelbon money’

David Robertson 2

David Robertson turned down the qualifying offer which would have made him the highest paid closer in baseball. It turns out he wants a little more than $15.3 Million.

A source told Bryan Hoch of that Robertson and his agent are seeking a deal that has ‘Jonathan Papelbon money’. Robertson converted 39 of 44 saves after taking over for Mariano Rivera and he believes he’s worth the four-years, $50 Million the Philadelphia Phillies gave Papelbon when he signed in 2011.

In the event Robertson leaves, the Yankees could search for a free agent pitcher, but the Yankees aren’t committing to the idea of having Dellin Betances move from the 8th to the 9th inning.

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Report: Yankees ‘unlikely’ to trade for Elvis Andrus


The Yankees still need to find a shortstop, but it’s highly unlikely they’re going to trade for one of the most expensive contracts in the market.

According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York, it’s very doubtful the Yankees will trade for Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus. The notion of him being a Yankee seemed interesting considering he’s young, but I’m willing to bet the contract is what drove the Yankees away. Andrus is scheduled to begin an eight year, $122 Million deal in 2015.

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Report: Yankees sign LHP Jose De Paula to MLB deal


UPDATE: Jose DePaula’s deal is a split contract, according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post. He’ll get paid $510k if he makes the Yankees, $175k if he goes to AAA.

11:28 a.m.: The Yankees have made their second transaction of the Hot Stove season.

The Yankees have announced they’ve signed LHP Jose De Paula to a one-year, major league deal. De Paula spent time in Triple-A Fresno last season and pitched to a 4.21 ERA in 10 starts and 16 games. De Paula never pitched in the Major Leagues, which indicated the Yankees had to like his scouting report and his 95 MPH fastball.


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Cashman: Rodriguez will have to win 3B job

Alex Rodriguez 10

In past seasons when Alex Rodriguez would arrive for Spring Training, it was a lock he was the Yankees every day third basemen. However, Brian Cashman’s comments during Day 2 of the GM Meetings indicated it wouldn’t be the case this season.

“In fairness to us and in fairness to Alex, I don’t know what to expect because it’s been a year,” Cashman said Tuesday in Phoenix. “I just don’t know. You hope that he can contribute in a significant way, but we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out. In the meantime, I have to look for whatever ways to improve the club and discuss those with ownership, what manifests itself as being available and acquirable, we’ll see.”

In other words, Alex Rodriguez would not be the starting third basemen during the 2015 season and they’re looking into the market for a reliable replacement. The Yankees have reportedly been engaging in contract negotiations with Chase Headley; last month Headley made headlines stating he would welcome a reunion to the Bronx if he was the starting third basemen.

“If I signed or traded for a third baseman, then that would be my third baseman,” Cashman said. “If I signed a Chase Headley, he would be the starting third baseman. If I traded for a third baseman that was an everyday guy, that would be the move I would be making. If I did that. But I’m not here to state that the Yankees have their definitive third baseman for 2015. I have not done anything like that.”

It wasn’t expected for Rodriguez to get his job back after only playing approximately 40 games in the last two years, and if Rodriguez wants to play third next more

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Report: Tigers drop out of David Robertson sweepstakes


The Yankees can worry about one less team as they try to keep their homegrown closer.

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Detroit Tigers have dropped out of the David Robertson sweepstakes. With the Tigers bullpen woes, Detroit seemed like an ideal place for Robertson. However, the Tigers picked up Joakim Soria‘s $7 Million option, which will now keep the team from going into the free agent market for relief pitching.

The Tigers are expecting to use Joe Nathan as their closer in 2015.

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Girardi on injured players, Rodriguez, Robertson, Betances, Headley, McCarthy and a new hitting coach

Joe Girardi 12

During the USO event at Yankee Stadium today, Alex Rodriguez was one of the main topics when Joe Girardi met with the media. However, Girardi had information on other players, such as the status of Martin Prado and Brett Gardner, David Robertson rejecting the qualifying offer, Rodriguez possibly moving to first base, a possibility of Dellin Betances as the closer, the important role both Chase Headley and Brandon McCarthy played during the season and the search for a hitting coach.

Girardi on the injured players: “Prado is doing well. Gardy is doing well. CC’s been doing well. Carlos has been doing well. All these guys. Nova’s been doing well; very pleased with where he’s at. … Everything’s OK (with Tanaka). But he really hasn’t done much, so it’s hard to say. … (Sabathia)’s been throwing. Everything’s been up and up on him, and he comes in here — I don’t know — three times a week? Three or four times a week? Something like that. Everything’s good. We like where he’s at, but we’re a long ways from April 1 or whenever we open.”

Girardi on Rodriguez moving to first: “I just brought it up (with him). I said, ‘On a day that we give Tex a day off, maybe it’s something that we’ll think about.’ He said we can talk about it, obviously. We’ll talk about it more as the season goes on, but I think you have to see. I think what I want to do is give him a little preparation. Depending on what happens over the more

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Joe Girardi has kept in contact with Alex Rodriguez


Throughout the offseason Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia and Brett Gardner all expressed their joy in Alex Rodriguez returning to the team. Today, it was Joe Girardi‘s turn.

At today’s USO event at Yankee Stadium, Girardi told the media he kept in contact with Rodriguez and is looking forward to his return in pinstripes.

“Yeah, I’ve talked to him,” Girardi said. “Stayed in touch. He’s working out, trying to prepare himself to be an everyday player next year. Obviously he’s played 40 games in the last two years, I think. We’re going to have to see where he’s at in Spring Training, but he’s working and he’s trying to get prepared. … I’ve talked about possibly going to visit him, yes, see how he’s doing physically.”

Even though Rodriguez hasn’t played much baseball in the last two seasons, Rodriguez’s workouts aren’t that different from his normal offseason work.

“It’s weights,” Girardi said. “Yeah, he’s doing some (baseball) stuff, (but) we don’t need him to do a whole lot. The normal process is you start throwing in January. There’s no reason to start throwing really early. It’s not going to put him any farther ahead. He’s taken some swings. Right now, it’s physically get your body ready to play 162 games.”

Although Rodriguez is working out, does Joe Girardi expect a different type of Spring Training for him due to the lack of games in the past two seasons?

“You can send him to minor-league games to give him eight, nine at-bats a day; maybe DH him a little bit more. Until we get there, until I see how he’s doing physically and how he’s responding, it’s more

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