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Like everyone else on the 25-man roster, Luis Severino spent the offseason working out in preparation for the 2016 season. Severino is one of the seven pitchers who’s expected to compete for a rotation spot this Spring, and if there’s one thing Severino is excited about, it’s finally heading to […]

Luis Severino declares he’s ready for Spring Training

CC Sabathia suffers another ugly loss 34
When the Yankees entered the 2015 offseason, Brian Cashman had one goal in mind: upgrade the rotation with as much creativity as possible. Unfortunately, the Yankees were unable to add anyone to the rotation, and it was mainly because the Yankees didn’t agree with the price of starting pitching on the […]

A rotation with uncertainty causes concern for the Yankees

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When Mark Teixeira suffered a broken leg in August of 2015, Gregory Bird was called up from Scranton and stepped in. And during the last two months of the season, Bird’s performance almost made the fans not miss Teixeira as much as they thought. But while Bird proved he is capable […]

Where will Greg Bird start the 2016 season?

Four down, two to go. The Yankees have announced starter Nathan Eovaldi has agreed to a one-year contract worth $5.6 Million, thus avoiding arbitration. Eovaldi had filed for arbitration at $6.3 Million while the Yankees filed at $4.9 Million. MLB Trade Rumors predicted Eovaldi would make approximately $5.7 Million in […]

Nathan Eovaldi avoids arbitration with one-year deal

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Prior to Derek Jeter‘s final season, the Yankee that learned the most from the Captain was outfielder Brett Gardner. And Jeter’s influence on Gardner showed in many ways, most notably when Jeter spent almost the entire 2012 season on the disabled list, which caused Gardner to take over as the […]

Yankees will keep a close eye on Brett Gardner’s health in ...

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The way Brian Cashman operated this offseason shows he’s a man of preparation and research. And researching was one of the many things he did prior to acquiring Aaron Hicks, Starlin Castro and Aroldis Chapman. Even though the Yankees have their new acquisitions, it doesn’t seem the Yankees are going to pull […]

Brian Cashman discusses procedure in acquiring Hicks, Castro and Chapman

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Three down, three to go. According to Jack Curry of the YES Network, the Yankees and Didi Gregorius have agreed on a one-year contract worth $2.425 Million, avoiding the arbitration process. Gregorius had filed at $2.5 Million and the Yankees filed at $2.3 Million on Friday afternoon. And Gregorius’s new […]

Didi Gregorius avoids arbitration with one-year deal

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When the Yankees compile their 25-man roster at the end of Spring Training, they’ll have to put a mix of veterans and young talent on the field, especially if they want to be versatile. And of course, it would be foolish to assume that the veterans are going to stay […]

10 minor league hitters that could help the 2016 Yankees

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Last week, the Yankees stayed relatively quiet with a few trade rumors looming. But this week the Yankees are putting the finishing touches on their bullpen, and are dealing with their arbitration players. However, some Yankees fans who are anticipating baseball on Opening Day, might not be able to enjoy […]

A Week In Review: Ackley, Castro, Chapman, Comcast, Pineda and Swarzak

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A few days ago, six Yankees filed for arbitration. This evening, two Yankees avoided going to an arbitration hearing. Michael Pineda and Dustin Ackley both avoided arbitration by getting one-year contracts in 2016. Pineda will make $4.3 Million and Dustin Ackley will make $3.1 million. Both numbers were extremely close […]

Michael Pineda and Dustin Ackley avoid arbitration

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Spring Training is 33 days away–or roughly four weeks if you wanted to countdown to a smaller number–and the biggest job the Yankees have to do is flesh out the bullpen. The Yankees already have “The Three Headed Monster” in the back of the pen (Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller and […]

Which bullpen arms are in competition for a roster spot?