2009 World Series

Here is some quick stuff to mention before the Yankees start playing their first game. Remember the old joke about Joe DiMaggio wanting part ownership of the club? That joke has sort of come to life as Kevin Kernan of the NY Post wants the Yankees to make Derek Jeter […]

Some Quick Yankees Notes

A week ago tonight, the Yankees beat the Phillies 7-3 to win their 27th World Series Championship and their first since beating the Mets four games to one back in 2000. For fans of most teams, a nine year gap between championships would not be seen as too big a […]

Reflection After a Week

New York City will hold a ticker-tape parade for the Yankees that will start on Friday November 5 at 11:00 A.M. from Bowling Green and it will go north up the Broadway, or the Canyon of Heroes, where it will end at City Hall Park where members of the team […]

Yankees Parade Route

Make no mistake: Yankee fans have it pretty good.  The Yankees routinely field one of the best teams in baseball.  They have the financial means to go after free agents, invest in the draft, and hire the best scouts.  They have mystique that goes along with all the championships they […]

End of a Journey

Twenty-seven times the Yankees have won a World Series. It was Joe Girardi who chose to carry the burden of that number on his back for his first two seasons as the skip. Now, he won’t have a burden to carry, but a decision to change numbers awaiting. The Yankees […]

Yankees Capture #27 for #27