2009 World Series

Tonight could be a good night. A very, very good night for Yankees fans. The stage is set. Two postseason poised pitchers, Andy Pettitte and Pedro Martinez, set to duke it out. For the Yankees, a World Series ring is on the line. For the Phillies, a chance to extend […]

Pregame Talk: World Series Game 6

In a postseason where the Yankees have victimized closers Joe Nathan, Brien Fuentes, and Brad Lidge, Mariano Rivera has shown what it takes to be considered the best. And because he’s the best manager Joe Girardi might expect him to go two and maybe even three innings tonight. According to […]

Girardi Ready to Lean on Mo if Needed

Yes, it would have been nice to get the series over with in Philadelphia. Yes, it stinks that A.J. Burnett couldn’t make it through the third inning last night. But still, the Yankees have it set up perfectly for the final two games in New York, leaving me a happy […]

Still Feeling Confident

This time, Joe Girardi’s decision before the game cost the Yankees the win. A.J. Burnett was sent out on short rest to face Cliff Lee on full rest in Game 5. Lee and the Phillies came away the victors, winning 8-6. Quick ‘Cap: Alex Rodriguez got the Yankees going early with an […]

Phillies Send Series Back to Bronx