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Girardi Ready to Lean on Mo if Needed

In a postseason where the Yankees have victimized closers Joe Nathan, Brien Fuentes, and Brad Lidge, Mariano Rivera has shown what it takes to be considered the best. And because he’s the best manager Joe Girardi might expect him to go two and maybe even three innings tonight. According to Anthony McCarron of the Daily News, ...

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Still Feeling Confident

Yes, it would have been nice to get the series over with in Philadelphia. Yes, it stinks that A.J. Burnett couldn’t make it through the third inning last night. But still, the Yankees have it set up perfectly for the final two games in New York, leaving me a happy camper. I know this may be ...

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Evaluating AJ Burnett and the Yankees in Game 5

AJ Burnett had the chance to be the hero last night and failed in grand fashion; that’s the obvious story of the game.  But what really went wrong for AJ? The biggest issue Burnett faced was the he couldn’t command the left side of the plate – the inside pitch for lefties, outside for righties – ...

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Phillies Send Series Back to Bronx


This time, Joe Girardi’s decision before the game cost the Yankees the win. A.J. Burnett was sent out on short rest to face Cliff Lee on full rest in Game 5. Lee and the Phillies came away the victors, winning 8-6. Quick ‘Cap: Alex Rodriguez got the Yankees going early with an RBI double in the ...

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Game 5 of the World Series: Open Tread

Clinching tonight? Well the top of the lineup has its work cutout for it. The Yankees lead baseball in runs scored this season with 915 in a large part because their offense is stacked one through nine, but the pressure will be laid on the top of the lineup as the Yankees put out one of ...

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Real Story of AJ Burnett’s Stats on Short Rest

If you’ve read AJ Burnett’s stats on short rest on this blog or others you probably read this line: 4 G, 4-0 record, 2.33 ERA, 27 IP, 19 H, 2 HR, 10 BB, 24 K’s, 1.07 WHIP. That’s because it is easier to go to Baseball-Reference.com and pull up those numbers than to go through the game ...

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Going on Short Rest

The Yankees will pitch CC Sabathia tonight on short rest and AJ Burnett tomorrow on short rest.  Presumably, Andy Pettitte and Sabathia would pitch games 6 and 7 on short rest as well, if necessary. If you read this ESPN column by Gene Wojciechowski, he suggests the Yankees forgot to “buy” a 4th starter.  While using ...

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A-Rod and Swisher Turning Their World Series Around


Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher entered last night’s game a combined 0-for-11 with seven strikeouts against the Phillies in the World Series, but they finally broke out last night as they were a big part of the Yankees grabbing a 2-1 lead. A-Rod reached base four times last night as he hit a two-run home run, ...

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