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MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees have no interest in A.J. Burnett


With a shortage of starting pitchers and CC Sabathia potentially out for the rest of the season, the Yankees have been on the look out for starting pitchers to trade for. One name they are looking passed — A.J. Burnett. According to George King of the NY Post, the Phillies would potentially be willing to deal ...

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Yankees set record with $230.4M payroll, money not well spent, plus notes

Alex Rodriguez

A lot of people, myself included, have accused the Yankees of caring more about profits than winning this offseason, but despite that they will set a record with their payroll at $230.4 million this offseason. While that is technically true it is how they've spent their money, with relatively little money committed after this season limiting ...

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The Yankee beat: bad trades, no trades, and the lottery

Hiroki Kuroda got a rare 7-inning shutout thanks to the rain as the Yankees beat the Blue Jays 6-0 behind a 4-run 1st inning. The Yankees have now scored at least three runs in 42 consecutive games. Here is the recap and graph. Here is what the blogoshere was talking about today. • NoMaas.org calls out the Yankees ...

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5 Things We Learned About the Yankees in 2012

There are some things a man just knows.  Old people (37 years and beyond) can’t play baseball, can’t hit for average, and can’t rank in the top ten in any offensive category (except maybe strike-outs).  There is an inverse relationship between the amount of tattoos on a pitcher’s throwing arm and his ERA. Hitting with ...

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AJ Burnett breaks his face bunting (w/video)

Welcome to the National League A.J. Burnett. While practicing his bunting today, A.J. Burnett took a foul ball off his face and fractured his right orbital bone that he will now need surgery for, according to an AP report. No word yet on how long he is expected to be out for. That's a shame. Not only ...

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Yankees 2011/2012 offseason review

The Yankees went into this offseason without a lot of holes in the roster. The entire lineup was expected to return, except for Jorge Posada who was expected to be replaced by Jesus Montero. Of course Montero got traded. After all, the Yankees had a few free agents, none of them were major though, and most ...

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Girardi: Walk-off pies may continue without A.J.

Thought the walk-off pie celebrations were a thing of the past now that A.J. Burnett has been traded to Pittsburgh? Not so fast says Yankees manager Joe Girardi. “The guys enjoyed it,” Girardi told Marc Carig of the Newark Star-Ledger. “So someone might do it, continue on the tradition.” As rough as Burnett was on the mound ...

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AJ claims too much tinkering and Martin agrees

How did the Yankees go from paying A.J. Burnett $82.5 million to paying $20 million just so he would go pitch for somebody else? A.J. thinks it might be too much tinkering from the coaching staff. "I let a few too many people tinker with me, maybe," Burnett told the AP. "When you let that happen, ...

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