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Report: Alex Rodriguez to address the media with apology next month


Last season, the Yankees started Spring Training with a Derek Jeter retirement press conference. This season, it's a completely different story. Bob Nightengale of USA Today is reporting Alex Rodriguez will meet with the media at the beginning of Spring Training to issue an apology for his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal. Rodriguez issued an apology ...

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Yankees look to void Alex Rodriguez’s milestone bonuses

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The saga between Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees continues, and this time the Yankees are attempting to void a milestone clause in Rodriguez's contract--and are prepared to fight if Rodriguez files a grievance with the Major League Baseball Players Association. According to SI.com, the Yankees are attempting to void the $6 Million home-run bonus ...

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Yankees reject Alex Rodriguez’s meeting request

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While Alex Rodriguez was able to conduct a meeting with new baseball commissioner Rob Manfred, the Yankees weren't in the 'meeting' mood and decided to deal with Rodriguez next month. According to the New York Daily News, Rodriguez offered to meet face to face with the Yankees to apologize for his role in the Biogenesis scandal, ...

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A week in review: Ichiro, Rodriguez, Santana, Scherzer, Sterling and WPIX


Transaction wise, it was a pretty quiet week for the Yankees, but a former Yankee did head elsewhere, Alex Rodriguez is still working out as Spring Training begins next month and Max Scherzer is finally off the board--but he won't be in Yankees pinstripes. Here is your week in review. -- For the last two seasons, ...

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Alex Rodriguez visits baseball’s incoming commissioner Rob Manfred

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As Alex Rodriguez continues his road to redemption, one of his stops included a trip to 245 Park Avenue in New York to issue and apology to incoming commissioner Rob Manfred. The New York Post and MLB.com reported Rodriguez was trying to clear the air after being one of the 13 player suspended in the Biogenesis ...

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Alex Rodriguez reportedly working out with Barry Bonds


According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Alex Rodriguez has been working out at a California training facility with ex-MLB player Barry Bonds. Rodriguez posted pictures on Instagram of him in the batting cages at the facility, where observers saw Bonds and Rodriguez working together. Bonds has gained a reputation of tutoring players after his playing days, ...

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A week in review: arbitration, coaching staff, Drew, Martin, Rodriguez and Santana


First off before we begin, I'm sorry I didn't post this article this morning. My computer hard drive crashed and I've literally been trying to find a way to post this all day. I should have everything up and running by either late this week or next week but I'll try my hardest to post ...

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Hot Stove Rumor: Alex Rodriguez believes third base job is his to lose


During the offseason, the Yankees signed Chase Headley to be their everyday third basemen. But as far as Alex Rodriguez is concerned, his job at third base is only his to lose. "Alex's mind is that job's not Headley's, it's Alex's to lose," a source told Newsday. "That's what he thinks. Alex is going into training ...

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