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Brian Cashman talks about Alex Rodriguez after first full-squad workout

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Today, the Yankees had their first full workout of the season; Didi Gregorius fielded grounders at shortstop, Brett Gardner caught fly-balls in the outfield and Brian McCann took batting practice. However, all of that went under the radar when all eyes were on Alex Rodriguez, who took batting practice, fielded grounders at third and shortstop ...

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When injuries occur, who replaces who?

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On Tuesday, we projected the Yankees 25-man roster and who could break camp with the team once Spring Training finishes. But one thing we are going to have to factor in are injuries. Over the course of the season, injuries are going to occur and the Yankees are going to have to find replacements for ...

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Mark Teixeira feels confident he’ll have a good season

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We all know the famous story of Mark Teixeira coming to camp last season, hoping to have a good year after missing almost the entire 2013 season with a wrist injury. However, Teixeira's year didn't go the way he planned; he didn't contribute much offensively and got hurt a lot. This year, Teixeira is coming ...

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Chase Headley excited to work with Alex Rodriguez


While at the Yankees minor league complex earlier, there was a sight that many didn't think would happen this early in camp: Alex Rodriguez and Chase Headley working out and talking baseball. Now, Chase Headley came into camp with the mentality he was going to be the every day third basemen and he continues to ...

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Ivan Nova throws his third bullpen session


Ivan Nova continues to make progress as he rehabs from Tommy John Surgery, and one thing Nova did today was throw a Yankees bullpen. However, this wasn't Nova's first bullpen session of the Spring. “This is my third,” Nova said. “The first one, I remember I was so excited I forgot to say it was on ...

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Projecting the Yankees 25-man roster


Although we won't find out the 25-man roster until the beginning of April, it's about that time where we project who will make the team, and who will find themselves starting the season elsewhere. Now, believe it or not the Yankees aren't really looking to fill multiple holes in their roster, but as Joe Girardi ...

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Alex Rodriguez on baseball, competing, PED’s and the Yankees

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Alex Rodriguez reported to camp earlier today and worked out at the Yankees minor league complex, hitting batting practice home runs and taking grounders at third base--on his knees. Following his workout, he spoke to approximately 20 reporters on the street about coming back to the game, feeling ready to compete, the PED scandal he ...

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Alex Rodriguez reports to Spring Training


During his "State of the Yankees" address on Friday morning, Joe Girardi said he wasn't planning on Alex Rodriguez to report to camp until Wednesday when the other position players are scheduled to arrive. However, Rodriguez went to get his physical at George M. Steinbrenner Field this morning, then went to the Yankees minor league ...

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