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MLB seeks speedy dismissal in A-Rod suit


Major League Baseball is seeking a speedy dismissal in Alex Rodriguez's lawsuit challenging his 162 game suspension. According to ESPN New York, Howard Ganz, a lawyer for MLB, wrote a letter to U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos stating Rodriguez's claims do not come remotely close to what's needed to overturn the arbitration ruling in federal court. "A ...

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What does the Tanaka signing mean for the Yankees

Masahiro Tanaka 4

When the Yankees signed Masahiro Tanaka to a 7 year, $155 Million contract, fans rejoiced and the organization let out a sigh of relief. Their number one free agent target had been signed, and on paper the Yankees finally became serious contenders. Although the Yankees signed Tanaka, you'd have to wonder what it means for ...

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Source: MLBPA wants to kick A-Rod out of union–but legally can’t


When Alex Rodriguez decided to sue the Major League Baseball Player Association, the union became furious that Rodriguez would turn on his "brothers" of the game. Some members are so frustrated with the matter, they would expel Rodriguez from the union--if it were legal.According to Yahoo! Sports, the MLBPA made a conference call consisting of ...

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Derek Jeter is “saddened” by A-Rod situation

Jeter and A-Rod

While it has been an exciting offseason for the Yankees in general, it had been a quiet offseason for Derek Jeter, who is rehabbing his ankle to prepare for the 2014 campaign. Of course, with all the Alex Rodriguez news going around, it doesn't seem as if Jeter's rehabbing program is much concern to reporters. While ...

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Alex Rodriguez sues MLB, MLBPA to overturn ban


And on the latest episode of "As The World Revolves Around A-Rod"... Alex Rodriguez and his lawyers filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association  in an effort to overturn his 162 game ban. The lawsuit is seeking to void Frederic Horowitz's ruling, based on Horowitz's "manifest disregard for the law", ...

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Judge declares arbitrator’s decision must be public in A-Rod case

Alex Rodriguez 12

A federal judge ruled today that Alex Rodriguez will not be allowed to file portions of Frederic Horowitz's decision under seal as a part of the lawsuit seeking to overturn his 162 game suspension from baseball. District Judge William H. Pauley III denied the request by Joe Tacopina, Alex Rodriguez's head lawyer which was supported by ...

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Reaction to Bosch’s ’60 Minutes’

Alex Rodriguez 5

If you weren't watching the Golden Globes last night, then there was a chance that you were probably watching the 60 Minutes report of Anthony Bosch telling his side of the story to the Alex Rodriguez Biogenesis scandal. The interview caused outcry from Alex Rodriguez's legal team and MLBPA. MLB released a statement fighting back to ...

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CBS ’60 Minutes’ to release details in Rodriguez suspension case

A-Rod 16

CBS's '60 Minutes' will offer fans an inside look at the details of the doping case revolving around Alex Rodriguez, which will include an interview from the case's lead witness Anthony Bosch, who claims he injected Rodriguez with a banned substance, and Rob Manfred, the COO of Major League Baseball. It was reported earlier today that ...

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