Aroldis Chapman

According to various reports well documented by, there are at least seven teams, including the Yankees, Blue Jays, Athletics, Marlins, Orioles and Angels, that have expressed interest in Cuban lefty Aroldis Chapman. Yankees: According to Chad Jennings, the Yankees senior vice-president of baseball operations Mark Newman called Chapman “this […]

Aroldis Chapman Rumor Roundup

Yankees VP of baseball operations Mark Newman had a lot to say about the Yankees prospects yesterday. Beat writer Chad Jennings separated them into posts on the pitching and position players. Here they are in short: Pitchers Aroldis Chapman: Newman said the reports were exactly what he expected: Huge fastball. […]

Newman's Notes on Yankees Prospects

Hal Steinbrenner spoke at the press conference the Yankees held yesterday to formally announce the trade for Curtis Granderson and he let it be known that while they are extremely happy getting Granderson, they weren’t done. Then they immediately went out and got Nick Johnson. This morning Buster Olney reminded […]

10 Free Agents Yankees Could Still Sign

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According to Jorge Arangure Jr of ESPN, left-handed pitcher Aroldis Chapman must have raised some eyebrows in the Yankees organization as they are trying to get him to throw for them again after the weather put somewhat of a damper on his throwing session two days ago. Since it was […]

Aroldis Chapman Yankees Rumors

On Monday we passed along the rumors that the market for Aroldis Chapman is not as strong as people anticipated. Initially analysists guessed that he could make upwards of $50 million, but instead we’ve been hearing it will be more like $20 million with the Yankees possibly only going as […]

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