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Bernie Williams to manage Future Games

The Future Games have become the best part of the All-Star break and they're stepping it up this year with some great coaches, one of whom happens to be a former Yankee - Bernie Williams and George Brett. Brett will manage the United States team while Bernie will manage the Worlds team. There are no Yankees ...

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Video: Bernie Williams with the Allman Brothers Band

Thanks to a commentor on the blog, I came across this video today and thought I would share it. It's Bernie Williams playing "No Way Out" with the Allman Brothers Band at the Beacon Theatre this past March 21st. I like it. It's a lot better than the elevator music Bernie usually plays.

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Barry Larkin elected to the MLB Hall of Fame

Picking up 86.4 percent of the vote, former Reds shortstop Barry Larkin was inducted into the Hall of Fame today. He will join Ron Santo, who was previously elected by the veterans committee, in this year's class. Jack Morris was the next closest picking up 66.7 percent of the vote. Jeff Bagwell (56%), Lee Smith (50.6%), ...

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If I had a Hall of Fame ballot…2012 edition

As a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, along with 320 other bloggers I cast my ballot for the Hall of Fame each year. No, it unfortunately doesn't count, but it is a cool way to participate and see what the blogosphere thinks about whom should be elected. So here is my ballot and below I ...

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Quote: Bernie Williams on the Hall of Fame Ballot

It has been five years since Bernie Williams retired stopped playing baseball which means he is now included on the Hall of Fame ballot. Personally I'd like to see him be included in the Cooperstown, but I think his numbers will fall just short of inclusion. Here is a statement from Bernie via the NY Post: "To ...

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Classic Yankees: Bernie Williams

It seems strange to call him an Old-Timer, but he did show up as an Old-Timer at the recent Yankees’ Old-Timer’s Day, even though he has never officially announced his retirement. But Bernie Williams, whether he makes the HOF or not, is clearly a Classic Yankee. I remember seeing Bernie for the first time when, ...

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Yankees 2011 Old Timer’s Day Roster


Three big time Yankees are making their Old Timer's Day debut: Bernie Williams, Joe Torre and Lou Piniella. Gene Monathan is throwing out the first pitch. I'm most looking forward to Strawberry and Fielder of course. They are two favorites of mine. Who are you most looking forward to? Former Yankees who will be in attendance: Luis Arroyo Jesse ...

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Read: Orioles Similar to Early 90’s Yankees to Showalter

Via the NY Post: Maybe it is not a mirror image, but Buck Showalter admits becoming manager of the Orioles feels a bit like when he once became manager of the Yankees. "It does [resemble it] a little bit," Showalter said yesterday in The Bronx. "[There are] some similarities."Showalter has returned to the AL East after a ...

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