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Red Sox OF Gomes discusses Yankees signings

Jonny Gomes

The Yankees/Red Sox rivalry is Major League Baseball's premium rivalry in the sports world. Whenever the Yankees and Red Sox are together for a series, emotions tend to run high. And if a teammate from the Yankees or the Red Sox makes a statement about their opponent, it tends to fuel a fire and cause ...

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What factored in the umpires ‘obstruction’ call during Game 3 of the World Series?

Red Sox and Cardinals

I know this post has nothing to do with the New York Yankees but last night's ending to the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox World Series Game 3 was so odd and so mind boggling that it deserves to be looked at one more time. Also there was a lot of debate last ...

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Could the Yankees learn a lesson from the Red Sox?

Red Sox

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox go together like water and fish oil, peanut butter and mayonnaise, popcorn and ketchup...okay, you get the point. The Yankees and Red Sox fans don't get along--at all. Some don't like to see the Yankees and the Red Sox in the same sentence. So this might make ...

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Today in Yankees History: Aaron Boone’s ALCS winning HR in 2003


If there was one word for me to describe the 2003 ALCS, it would be this: insane. 2003 saw the Yankees and the Red Sox, the most storied rivalry in baseball history, compete to punch a ticket to the 2003 World Series where one of the two teams would take on the Florida Marlins. It ...

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Did Red Sox’s ceremony for Mariano Rivera hit a sour note?

Mo Yanks

The Boston Red Sox were the latest team to wish the best for New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, who is retiring at the end of the season. The presents Rivera received from the Yankees admirable foes were very well thought out: a portrait of Rivera, a number 42 from the scoreboard and some visitor ...

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Red Sox fan writes poem for Mariano Rivera


Red Sox fans and Yankees fans are sworn enemies (except if you're married or have siblings that are Red Sox / Yankees fans. Then you're only enemies for the weekend). However, if there's one thing all baseball fans have in common, it's the love for Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, who is retiring after the 2013 ...

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Yankees rally, but fall short to Red Sox with 9-8 loss in 10 innings

Cano 1

It was a wild one for both the Yankees and Red Sox, but in the end the Yankees were unable to come away with the victory, falling to the Red Sox 9-8 in 10 innings. The Yankees rallied in the seventh inning of the game after being down 7-2, scoring six runs with RBI's from ...

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Yankees and Red Sox meet again with a lot at stake

Girardi 1

The last time the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox clashed, Alex Rodriguez was intentionally hit by a pitch and the Yankees rallied to take two out of three from the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Now, the Red Sox and Yankees will meet again, except this time it's at Yankee Stadium. ESPN ...

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