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Brian Cashman compares Yankees “ifs” of 2015 to 1996

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With the Yankees coming to camp later this week, there will a lot of 'ifs' and question marks on many of their star players If Masahiro Tanaka's elbow stays in one piece... If the Yankees bullpen can replicate their success from last year... If the Mark Teixeira's and Carlos Beltran's can stay healthy... If the Jacoby Ellsbury's and Brett ...

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Brian Cashman on Drew, Eovaldi, Refsnyder, Rodriguez and Sabathia

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Brian Cashman was on WFAN earlier this afternoon with Mike Francesa and along with discussing the upcoming meeting between the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez, he gave tidbits on what he's expecting from Stephen Drew, Nathan Eovaldi, Rob Refsnyder, Alex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia this season, whether it'd be on the Major League level or the ...

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Report: Brian Cashman agrees to meet with Alex Rodriguez


While Alex Rodriguez was able to get a meeting with commissioner Rob Manfred last month, there were reports of the Yankees turning down a similar meeting with Rodriguez, telling him they'll "see him in Spring Training". However, Brian Cashman spoke on the record and said the reports of the Yankees refusing to meet with Rodriguez ...

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Brian Cashman still views Stephen Drew as a starter


When the Yankees signed Stephen Drew to be their starting second basemen for the 2015 season, many were confused, especially with Drew's awful 2014 campaign. However, Cashman believes Drew is an everyday player and expects him to play to "the back of his baseball card". "Hopefully, he can put last year behind him and be the ...

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Thoughts on the Stephen Drew deal


Late last night, Stephen Drew and the Yankees agreed to a one-year, $5 Million deal, which comes weeks after the Yankees gave the impression they weren't interested in Drew's services following an abysmal 2014 season. When I woke up this morning and read about the transaction, I realized I needed a few moments to collect ...

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What should the Yankees do now?

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The last two weeks were a breather from the Hot Stove news, but now that the holiday's are over, it's time for the Yankees to get back to work. Of course, that didn't stop them from making headlines when they made the first trade of 2015. But while the Yankees came out of the gate ...

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Hot Stove: Yankees further postpone their search for a hitting coach

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When the Yankees began the offseason, their search for a hitting coach and a first base coach was their main priority. However, the focus of finding a hitting coach shifted when the Yankees decided to bolster their roster in November and December. With the end of 2014 approaching, Brian Cashman said the Yankees were further ...

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Hot Stove: Brian Cashman “can’t expect much” from Alex Rodriguez

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When the Yankees signed Chase Headley to a four-year deal to be their everyday third basemen, it signaled the end of Alex Rodriguez's days as an everyday player and transitioned him as the everyday designated hitter. While on a phone interview with The Associated Press, Brian Cashman said the Yankees couldn't expect much from Rodriguez, if anything at ...

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