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Time to get the ball rolling: GM meetings begin today, Qualifying Offers

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I'm not going to say that the offseason is going to magically heat up with blockbuster trades every five minutes, so I think the right word for this would be to 'get the ball rolling'. First on the list: the GM Meetings, live from Orlando, Florida. Let's not confuse the Winter Meetings with the GM ...

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According to Brian: Cashman says Yankees can’t replace A-Rod

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Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman was on ESPN radio earlier this morning and discussed an extensive amount of topics from the $189 Million payroll for next season to everyone's favorite third baseman, Alex Rodriguez. About the $189 Million, Cashman reiterated everything he said and Hal Steinbrenner said last week. However, something that did pique my interest ...

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Yankees Mailbag: Cano, 2014, Pineda and more

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Last week, I asked Yankees fans to send in their questions about the 2013 team and the offseason and I was surprised by the amount of questions I received. Since I haven't done this in a long time (and haven't done it yet on Bronx Baseball Daily), I decided to have a Yankees Mailbag where ...

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Cashman’s comments on Jeter, Teixeira, CC, Ichiro and Cano

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Brian Cashman took full blame for the way the 2013 season ended, the team not being prepared and even acknowledged that it was tough to see so many injures this season. He took some time to talk about some of the current Yankees on the team such as Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Robinson ...

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Cashman to offer new deal to Girardi on Wednesday

Cashman and Girardi

Brian Cashman had his end of the season press conference today and one of the main topics he focused on was Joe Girardi. The Yankees skipper's contract ends on October 31, but Cashman is willing to offer Giardi a brand new deal as early as tomorrow. Cashman is going to meet with Girardi's agent to discuss ...

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Yankees 2013 season report card


With the 2013 season behind us and with no postseason, the only thing left to do is to grade the Yankees (and for them to hope that they get a good grade). Here are the grades I gave to players from highest to lowest: Mariano Rivera: In his final season, Rivera once again dazzled everyone with his ...

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Off-Day Notes: Sabathia, Pettitte, Wild-Card race

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It's the final off-day of the Yankees regular season (and possibly for 2013), so let's go over some quick notes that happened today. -- CC Sabathia's dismal 2013 season has come to an end due to--can you guess--an injury. He has a Grade 2 left hamstring strain, which he obtained during his last start. The recovery ...

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A Seinfeld-Themed Look at the 2013 MLB Season


“You want to talk about hotels, or you want to win some baseball games?” George Costanza asked a youthful Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams in wake of the Yankees’ 1996 World Series win. “That is one magic loogie,” exclaimed Jerry as he discounted the inaccurate story of Keith Hernandez spitting on Kramer and Newman. “You know, George, ...

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