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MLB names new successor to Bud Selig

This happened earlier this afternoon but I wasn't near a computer and my iPad died, which meant I couldn't update the blog while I was out. While in my absence, Major League Baseball has named a new commissioner, who will succeed Selig next season. Here's the story. Major League Baseball will have a new commissioner in 2015, ...

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Rivera could play center field this weekend

Mariano Rivera

Well Mariano Rivera, it looks like you're going to have your wish granted--just not today. Now that the Yankees are out of postseason contention, it gives manager Joe Girardi a chance to think a little more freely, and with his new relaxed attitude, he decided that he was going to let Mariano Rivera play center ...

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MLB Commissioner Tells Hank Steinbrenner to Shutup


I'll keep this short because we've already touched on this subject a couple of times. But according to Newsday, the MLB commissioner, Bud Selig, has reached out to the Yankees to tell Hank Steinbrenner to stop talking about revenue sharing. This still leaves Hank available for rediculous interviews about the Yankees and their mansions (which by ...

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