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CC Sabathia: “I feel great right now”

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CC Sabathia hasn't been a huge fixture in the Yankees dugout during games, but he showed up at the Yankees clubhouse earlier this afternoon to give an update on his knee. “I feel great right now,” Sabathia said. “I do feel pretty confident. I didn’t know going into it. I woke up (after the procedure), my ...

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Carlos Beltran optimistic he’ll avoid surgery

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For the last few days, Carlos Beltran had been doing tee and toss with Kevin Long. Today he took a short round of batting practice and reported no issues in his elbow. For the first time since May 12, the first time he addressed the media with this issue, Beltran feels he could legitimately avoid ...

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Some disappointments for the Yankees so far

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In my last post, I put some of the players that have surprised and exceeded expectations for the Yankees in the first month of the 2014 season. Unfortunately, there are also players that have a high expectation bar set and then don't meet the standards. Here were the players that have been a slight disappointment ...

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Yankees rotation in dire need of help

New York Yankees David Phelps

Coming out of Spring Training, the Yankees had a great rotation on paper: the ace of the staff CC Sabathia looking for redemption, veteran Hiroki Kuroda hoping to build on a successful 2013 season, Ivan Nova hoping to prove to the Yankees that what they had seen in 2013 wasn't a fluke, Masahiro Tanaka hoping ...

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Cashman: CC Sabathia out until July

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Joe Girardi informed the media yesterday CC Sabathia wasn't going to come off the disabled list when his 15 days were up. Brian Cashman clarified today that Sabathia was going to be out much longer than the initial 15 days. Sabathia had a stem cell injection on Thursday, and the Yankees aren't expecting Sabathia back for ...

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Girardi prefers to keep Solarte low in the order

Yangervis Solarte 2

Yangervis Solarte leads the team in RBI's and average, so you would figure Solarte would bat higher than seventh in the order. Well, Joe Girardi is in charge of the lineup and at this point, he prefers to keep Solarte in the bottom portion of the lineup. Even in a National League park, Solarte will ...

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Beltran hopes cortisone shot keeps him away from in-season surgery

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If there's one thing that's certain about Carlos Beltran's injury, it's this: He's going to need surgery at some point to remove the old bone spur in his elbow. The thing that's uncertain is if the cortisone shot he took can mask the pain and prolong the surgery to the offseason. “If the cortisone does the ...

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Mark Teixeira no longer taking health for granted

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It's not a secret Mark Teixeira (when healthy) plays a lot. He averages 153 games a season and has played the entire season twice. Looking back, Teixeira realized playing all those games took a toll on his health and he took himself for granted. “I took it for granted,” Teixeira said. “I think it was 500 ...

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