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Across the AL: The effects of Red Sox injuries

Red Sox pitching staff

The fracture sustained by Curtis Granderson in his first at-bat of the spring is certainly a huge blow to a Yankee offense that, according to Joe Girardi, already had to “find different ways to score runs.”  While no team likes to see its players get injured, it can be argued that if an injury is going ...

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Yankees Chapter of the BBA Announces AL Pitcher of the Year Award

Today's Baseball Bloggers Alliance ballot is for our version of the Pitcher of the Year Award, the Walter Johnson Award. The Award is named after Johnson who was one of the most dominating pitchers in baseball history while playing for the Washington Senators and later managing both the Senators and Cleveland Indians from 1907 until 1927. ...

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CC Sabathia Not Close to Cy Young Despite Win Total

For years the measure of a really good pitcher was how many wins he was able to rack up. Last season though something happened, Zack Greinke of the Royals won the Cy Young award despite only racking up 16 wins. CC Sabathia currently leads the American League with 16 wins and has been the ...

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