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Despite troubles, Yankees could still find a way to win AL East

Derek Jeter 22

The Yankees have played mediocre baseball throughout the first half of the season, but they have one thing going for them as they prepare for the second half of the season: The entire American League East has flaws. The Baltimore Orioles don't have a true ace in their rotation, the Toronto Blue Jays are missing ...

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Who could the Yankees acquire before the trade deadline?


With the injury to Masahiro Tanaka, the Yankees rotation is in dire need of help. Brian Cashman said the Yankees are looking to be aggressive during the trade deadline and there are a few names that are reportedly on the trading block. Here are a few names I compiled that could be a fit for ...

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Trade rumors: Yankees don’t have pieces for David Price but maybe for Cliff Lee


This year's Yankees squad is loaded with problems, but the same could be said for much of the American League East so they are technically battling for first place right now. However, for the team to have any real shot at a playoff run they are going to have to improve which means trades. With huge ...

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Chien-Ming Wang opts out of contract to sign with the Blue Jays


Chien-Ming Wang opted out of his minor league contract with the Yankees today and will sign a major league deal with the Blue Jays, according to Andy McCullough and Ken Rosenthal. He's expected to start on Tuesday. Wang pitched for the Yankees from 2005-2009 and was their ace for part of that stretch. He injured his ...

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Cashman: Yankees don’t have the money for big trades

The trade deadline is on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. EST and the Yankees don't appear on the verge of any trades at all right now. If they do end up pulling off a trade between now and then it's likely to be for a small piece as Brian Cashman said the Yankees just don't have ...

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Picture: Google search shows Cliff Lee as a Yankee

I came across this tonight and thought it was funny so I'm passing it along. If you head over to Google and search for "Cliff Lee" the picture that comes up is Lee wearing a Yankees hat. The picture is doctored and there is no reason to think that Cliff will end up in the Bronx ...

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Rumor: Yankees are not on Cliff Lee’s no-trade list, but no deal is happening

The Phillies may trade Cliff Lee at this year's deadline, but despite the fact that the Yankees were interested in trading for him for years it doesn't appear likely to happen. As part of Lee's contract there are nine teams that he is allowed to be traded to and the Yankees are one of them, however ...

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Cliff Lee Quote: “There’s Nothing the Yankees Could Have Done Differently”

The Yankees offered the most guaranteed dollars, but the least average annual dollars to Cliff Lee. In the end though Lee never wanted to leave Philly and the entire idea that he was going to chase every last dollar came from Philly themselves. As soon as they realized that's where he wanted to be ...

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