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Is it 2010 all over again for the Red Sox?

Superstardom. Jacoby Ellsbury had always been an elite steals maven, once swiping 50 bags and 70 bags in back-to-back seasons. He’d regularly hit around .300, and has a .299/.354/.450 batting line. He was roughly league average with the bat, though from 2008-2009, this before accumulating 9.4 wins for the Red Sox and clocking in at ...

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Daniel Bard Could Have Been A Yankee, Twice

daniel bard was almost a yankee

In 2003 the Yankees drafted Daniel Bard out of high school in the 20th round. The Right hander reportedly asked for $2 million and the Yankees never even made him an offer. So instead of signing with the Yankees, Bard enrolled in the University of North Carolina. In 2006 he reentered the draft where the ...

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