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Highlights from 2014 Old Timers Day

Paul O

Old Timers Day is always a fun event, it's where the players that had an impact on Yankees history gather to play an innocent ball game. Goose Gossage was honored with a plaque in Monument Park, the old timers got some at-bats in, Hideki Matsui pitched and there were some laughs. Here were the highlights of ...

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Roger Clemens makes debut on Hall of Fame ballot

In what surely will be a highly debated topic, former Yankee Roger Clemens will be on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time this year. Clemens was of course outed as a steroid user in the Mitchell Report. His name was in the report 82 times and it stated that during the 1998, 2000, and ...

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David Wells: If I had Tebow’s approach I’d have been better off

David Wells was a fan favorite during his time in the Bronx. It probably had a lot to do with pitching a perfect game and winning a World Series, but a lot of it had to do with his personality which wasn't always rosy. Joe Torre once said that Boomer lived to make his life miserable, ...

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Yankees 2011 Old Timer’s Day Roster


Three big time Yankees are making their Old Timer's Day debut: Bernie Williams, Joe Torre and Lou Piniella. Gene Monathan is throwing out the first pitch. I'm most looking forward to Strawberry and Fielder of course. They are two favorites of mine. Who are you most looking forward to? Former Yankees who will be in attendance: Luis Arroyo Jesse ...

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David Wells Rips into A-Rod Over Braden Incident

I'm going to keep this short because I'm with Alex Rodriguez, this is really just a funny incident and it's really not a big deal. A-Rod is a huge superstar who was probably just trying to get in the head of a young pitcher who was beating the Yankees that day.  He very clearly got ...

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Posada Compares C.C. to former Yankee Wells

Every Yankee fan remembers David Wells. Whether it's his perfect game, the day he wore Babe Ruth's hat out to the mound or his infamous book where he described pitching the previously mentioned perfect game hungover. The fact is, David Wells isn't someone you simply forget. One year into his Yankee career, C.C. Sabathia would like ...

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Assessing the 2009 Yankees Rotation in Historical, Championship Perspective

Peter Menking has done a terrific job breaking down the current rotation, including today’s post on Joba Chamberlain, to provide readers with a good glimpse into what they may expect from a strong 2010 rotation. In turn, I figured a look back at last year’s championship staff would allow a worthwhile comparison between last ...

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