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Rumor: A trade for Troy Tulowitzki still unlikely


After rumors swirled Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki was considering asking his team for a trade, many viewed the Yankees or the New York Mets as a potential landing spot. Unfortunately, it's not happening. The New York Daily News is reporting it's highly unlikely Tulowitzi is swapped to either New York team. The Mets are still ...

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Yankees newest team bonding assignment involves mustaches


While the Yankees were playing their three game series against the Detroit Tigers roughly two weeks ago, Brett Gardner suggested to his teammates that they try growing mustaches, not only as a team building exercise but also as a way to get the team in a positive mind-frame. Fast-forward to May 6, 2015 and the ...

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Didi Gregorius continues to impress in camp


For the last 19 seasons, Derek Jeter manned the shortstop position while breaking records and cementing himself as a sure-fire Hall of Famer. But while Jeter's bat and leadership thrived, during the later years of his career, he didn't have much range and wasn't a dynamic fielder. When Jeter retired, the Yankees were looking for ...

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Brett Gardner was offered Derek Jeter’s old locker


It's become quite obvious no one can replace Derek Jeter in the clubhouse or on the field, but one day someone is going to have to take his vacant locker, the same locker he occupied for the last 19 seasons. The question is, who? The Yankees answered that question on Friday when equipment manager Rob ...

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Brian Cashman: “I don’t think we need a captaincy”


One of the most iconic roles in baseball is being the captain of the New York Yankees. In fact, there have been only 16 captains, ranging from Clark Griffith to Babe Ruth to Lou Gehrig to Thurman Munson to Don Mattingly to Derek Jeter. So, it was rather surprising to hear Brian Cashman say that ...

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Yankees 2014-15 Offseason in Review


Last offseason, the Yankees spent nearly $500 Million to boost the offense (Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran) and the rotation (Masahiro Tanaka). However, this offseason they took a more economical approach, an approach that had fans questioning whether this was George Steinbrenner's Yankees or the economical Yankees. Believe it or not, this offseason was ...

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Yankees want Didi Gregorius to play like himself–not like Derek Jeter


Since position players reported to camp on Wednesday, the focus had been on Alex Rodriguez. In fact, all of the attention had been on Rodriguez after he returned from a year long suspension for his involvement in a steroids scandal. But with games beginning on Tuesday, the attention will shift to Didi Gregorius, who will ...

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Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs battle to serve as Derek Jeter’s investment banker


When the media asked Derek Jeter what he planned to do post-retirement last season, Jeter mentioned the idea of owning his own team. Now, Wall Street wants to get involved and help Jeter achieve his goal. FOX Business News is reporting two of Wall Street's biggest financial firms--Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs--have been courting the former ...

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