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Yankees 2014-15 Offseason in Review


Last offseason, the Yankees spent nearly $500 Million to boost the offense (Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran) and the rotation (Masahiro Tanaka). However, this offseason they took a more economical approach, an approach that had fans questioning whether this was George Steinbrenner's Yankees or the economical Yankees. Believe it or not, this offseason was ...

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Yankees want Didi Gregorius to play like himself–not like Derek Jeter


Since position players reported to camp on Wednesday, the focus had been on Alex Rodriguez. In fact, all of the attention had been on Rodriguez after he returned from a year long suspension for his involvement in a steroids scandal. But with games beginning on Tuesday, the attention will shift to Didi Gregorius, who will ...

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Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs battle to serve as Derek Jeter’s investment banker


When the media asked Derek Jeter what he planned to do post-retirement last season, Jeter mentioned the idea of owning his own team. Now, Wall Street wants to get involved and help Jeter achieve his goal. FOX Business News is reporting two of Wall Street's biggest financial firms--Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs--have been courting the former ...

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What to expect from Didi Gregorius


Yesterday we discussed what the Yankees could expect from Stephen Drew as he attempts to bounce back from a horrific 2014 campaign. Today, we discuss Didi Gregorius, who has big shoes to fill following the retirement of Derek Jeter. Following Derek Jeter's retirement last season, the Yankees needed a shortstop and instead of taking the free ...

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What to expect from Stephen Drew


Yesterday, we discussed what the Yankees could expect from Brian McCann as he begins his sophomore season with the Bronx Bombers. Today we move to second base and discuss what the Yankees can expect from Stephen Drew, who is coming off a poor season with the Yankees and Red Sox. When Stephen Drew declined the Boston ...

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Five storylines going into Spring Training


Spring Training is approximately two weeks away, and while everyone is gearing up towards the baseball season, the Yankees find themselves in a situation where new and recurring storylines are once again taking form. But what are the five biggest storylines coming into camp this season? 1. Can Alex Rodriguez return to form after a year-long ...

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Top 10 Yankees under Joe Torre and Joe Girardi ranked by WAR


There are many ways to determine how valuable a player is to a team. You could judge by home runs, RBI's, OBP or slugging percentage. But one of the surefire ways to determine how valuable a player is, is by their WAR (Wins Above Replacement). Of course, WAR isn't perfect and old school baseball analysts ...

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Brett Gardner: The new face of the Yankees?


  During Derek Jeter's tenure, he was the undisputed face of the New York Yankees. He was "The Captain", he was a leader and he was a respected player around baseball. But with Jeter retiring, Yankees fans voted for their new face of the franchise--and it's a player that's so far spent his entire eight-year career ...

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