Derek Lowe

With the Giants win over the Tigers last night, the 2012/13 postseason has officially begun. Yankees fans are going to expect big things this offseason, however their team finished with the best record in the American League and probably needs a few tweaks rather than a major overhaul. The one area where […]

The offseason officially starts today

I’m not just saying that because I’m still bitter about the 2004 ALCS, but Derek Lowe sucks and the Yankees should not be giving him any more important innings (not that last night’s was an important inning). Lowe showed up in the Bronx and dazzled the Yankees with four very […]

Derek Lowe sucks

It looks like the Yankees will go with David Phelps on Monday in CC Sabathia‘s spot and will go with Derek Lowe as their new long-man in the ‘pen. Have to say, it’s a bit surprising they would go with Lowe over some of the pitchers they have in Triple-A, […]

Yankees sign Derek Lowe