Eric Hinske

Brian Cashman has already come out saying that if they add a left fielder, it would be someone on the cheap – somewhere around $4 million dollars max.  That to me eliminates the following free agents from consideration: Matt Holliday, Jason Bay, and Johnny Damon.  Furthermore, John Heyman is also […]

The Search for a Left Fielder

Hal Steinbrenner spoke at the press conference the Yankees held yesterday to formally announce the trade for Curtis Granderson and he let it be known that while they are extremely happy getting Granderson, they weren’t done. Then they immediately went out and got Nick Johnson. This morning Buster Olney reminded […]

10 Free Agents Yankees Could Still Sign

In a previous post, I discussed Johnny Damon‘s relative value and suggested that perhaps the Yankees should let him go.  Of course, a quick scour of the outfield and DH options available via free agency though shows that there is little out there. The great thing about corner outfielders and […]

Outfield/DH Idea: Build a Platoon

The Yankees won the World Series and the next thing to do is to determine which players they are going to keep and which they are going to let go. They have seven free agents to make decisions on. Here is a list of those seven free agents including their […]

Yankees Have 7 Free Agents