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Eric Hinske and the Free Agent Market


Eric Hinske, who has played in the World Series for the American League team in each of the past three fall classics for the Red Sox, Rays, and Yankees, is a free agent and R.J. Anderson at Fangraphs.com breaks down the market for the big left hander. He notes that Hinske had to wait until teams ...

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Yankees Have 7 Free Agents

The Yankees won the World Series and the next thing to do is to determine which players they are going to keep and which they are going to let go. They have seven free agents to make decisions on. Here is a list of those seven free agents including their 2009 salaries and free agents type: Johnny ...

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Thoughts on World Series Roster Moves

Brian Bruney

As I suggested yesterday, Eric Hinske was added to the Yankees World Series roster to be an extra bat off of the bench. He is taking the spot of the fast Freddy Guzman who really serves no purpose on the Yankees. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if Freddy Guzman ever plays a meaningful game for the ...

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Yankees Finalize WS Roster, Hinske & Bruney Added

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Yankees have added outfielder Eric Hinske and right handed pitcher Brian Bruney to their World Series roster and have removed outfielder Freddy Guzman and catcher Francisco Cervelli to make room for them. Bruney is a ticking timebomb in the bullpen. It seems that these moves signal the ...

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Hinske Should be Added to WS Roster


Corner infielder and outfielder Eric Hinske was taken off the ALCS roster in favor of the speedy Freddy Guzman, who was used for pinch running purposes. In the World Series, however, this should be reversed. Guzman really has no purpose in the World Series, as he is a “one skill player”, in that he’s only got ...

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4 Reasons the Yankees Miss Eric Hinske

Eric Hinke was overlooked for most of the regular season and on this version of the Yankees it is easy to see why. At nearly every position they have an all-star so there usually isn’t a big need for a bat off the bench. Eric Hinske was a legit power threat off the bench this season. No ...

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Questions for the ALCS

The ALDS answered many questions regarding this year’s Yankee team, however the ALCS match-up against the Angels offers its own intrigue: 1.  What will the Yankees get from Joba Chamberlain? I know that the numbers would suggest Joba did a better job than Phil Hughes in the ALDS, but if you watched the games, Hughes seemed to ...

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