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How did the Yankees respond to the last Red Sox mega-moves?

Derek Jeter 2

This isn't the first time in Yankees/Red Sox history where the Red Sox would make a flashy offseason move only to wait for the Yankees to counterattack. In fact, it last happened in 2011 when the Red Sox traded away Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford to the Los Angeles Dodgers, signed Jason Varitek to a one-year ...

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Former Yankees pitchers succeeding with current teams


While pitching has not really been an issue for the Yankees – as it has been their offense/run-production that has contributed to their recent struggles – several pitchers that once donned pinstripes have started the 2013 season with impressive performances.  This article is, in no way, trying to criticize the Yankees for the moves and ...

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The offseason officially starts today

With the Giants win over the Tigers last night, the 2012/13 postseason has officially begun. Yankees fans are going to expect big things this offseason, however their team finished with the best record in the American League and probably needs a few tweaks rather than a major overhaul. The one area where they really need to focus on ...

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What’s wrong with the Yankees?

The Yankees came out of the All-Star break the same way they went into it, winning lots of games, but unfortunately after they took six of seven games they haven't been the same since. From July 19th, the start of a four game series against Oakland, they have been 19-24 and looked awful doing it. But ...

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The Yankees shuffle their rotation

Not exactly sure why, it could be getting ready for Andy Pettitte, the playoffs, or just to skip Freddy Garcia, but the Yankees have decided to take advantage of Thursday's off-day and have shuffled the rotation a bit. Garcia was supposed to pitch today, but instead will be skipped one time through the rotation. Everyone else ...

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Hail to “The Chief”

Honestly, we never thought it would come to this: from Yankee manager, Joe Girardi, down to the most fair-weather of fans, the expectation that Freddy Garcia would be handed the ball every fifth day in the dog days of August was the stuff of nightmares. But as we wait – impatiently – for the return ...

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Read: Freddy Garcia throws a unique splitter

When the Yankees signed Freddy Garcia last season they did so knowing that he was past his prime and no longer had the good stuff that made him a successful major league pitcher. It didn't matter though because in his advanced age Garcia had pitch-ability and was able to get hitters out anyway, they said. Well ...

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Yankees were modest winners at the trade deadline

The Yankees don't look too good right now. Last night's win snapped a four-game losing streak, they dropped nine of 12 before that, but thanks to the moves Brian Cashman made at the trade deadline fans should expect that to turn around soon. First of all, fans need to realize that this was a damn good ...

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