Hot Stove

So the 2013 season pretty much turned out to be one of the worst seasons for Yankees fans since 2004: the Boston Red Sox won the World Series which would understandably make any Yankee fan cringe. Now, it’s the first official day of the offseason for all 30 teams, meaning […]

So what happens next?

Since about a week after the Yankees won the World Series, I’ve had my blogging eyes focused forward, trying to envision how the 2010 Yankees would look while defending their 2009 championship. I’ve discussed free agent DH options, who doesn’t make sense for the Yankees at the plate, who doesn’t […]

Yanks Should Reconsider Matt Holliday

Word on the “street” is that Mike Cameron is close to signing a multi-year deal with the Chicago Cubs (h/t RAB). While this is good for Cameron and the Cubs, it is not good for the Yankees. Cameron was a possible option for the Yankees’ 2010 outfield and now it […]

Cameron No Longer an Option?

The first Fall Out Boy song I ever heard was “The Pros and Cons of Breathing around this time about or six years ago. Anyway, in tribute to that, I’ll be discussing the pros and cons of offering outfielder Johnny Damon arbitration. Johnny Damon” width=”333″ height=”240″ /> First, let’s review […]

The Pros and Cons of Offering Arbitration