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So what happens next?

Yankee Stadium 3

So the 2013 season pretty much turned out to be one of the worst seasons for Yankees fans since 2004: the Boston Red Sox won the World Series which would understandably make any Yankee fan cringe. Now, it's the first official day of the offseason for all 30 teams, meaning that the Hot Stove season ...

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Yanks Should Take Look at Escobar for Bullpen

Yesterday, Ken Rostenthal tweeted that Kelvim Escobar, who has been offered a minor league deal by the Mets, would be throwing in front of big league clubs this week in Venezuela. The Yankees should make sure they are in attendance and give Escobar consideration for a bullpen role in 2010. Jerry Crasnick reported on December ...

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Yanks Should Reconsider Matt Holliday


Since about a week after the Yankees won the World Series, I've had my blogging eyes focused forward, trying to envision how the 2010 Yankees would look while defending their 2009 championship. I've discussed free agent DH options, who doesn't make sense for the Yankees at the plate, who doesn't make sense on the mound, ...

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If Sox Get Lackey, Yanks Shouldn't React Strongly


Via MLBTR, John Lackey has apparently taken a physical for the Red Sox, a sign that they could be close to a deal. If this is true, the Yankees should not, I repeat, should not react strongly and make a splash just for the sake of making a splash. The last time that happened, the Sox ...

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Musings on a Possible Extra Outfielder

This morning, Ben Kabak of River Ave. Blues mused on the possibility of trading one of Melky Cabrera or Brett Gardner. Now, piggybacking in a way, I'll do the same. Gardner and Cabrera are very similar players. They both have some positives but they also have some big time negatives. Let's roll with the positives first: --Both ...

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A Tiger Perspective and My Thoughts on What's Next

Aside from the obvious candidates of Curtis Granderson and Austin Jackson, the first person I thought of yesterday upon hearing the Yankees/Tigers/D-Backs swap was a Tigers blogger by the name of Mike Rogers. Mike writes Tigers by the Numbers and hails from Portage, Michigan. Mike and I "met" on the Sports Forum of a music website ...

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Cameron No Longer an Option?


Word on the "street" is that Mike Cameron is close to signing a multi-year deal with the Chicago Cubs (h/t RAB). While this is good for Cameron and the Cubs, it is not good for the Yankees. Cameron was a possible option for the Yankees' 2010 outfield and now it appears the Yankees will not ...

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Yankees Should Look to Solve Bullpen Internally

With Phil Hughes moving back to the rotation, and Joba Chamberlain presumably staying there all season in 2010, the Yankees have a bit of a hole in the bullpen. Last season, Phil Hughes' filled the "set-up" role quite well and helped stabilize the back of the Yankee bullpen. Without him, the Yankees seem to be ...

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