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Yankees minor league system leaves uncertainty

Montero 2

There was once a time where the Yankees had the "Killer B's", three pitchers that seemed to have a bright and destined future in the Yankees organization. There was also a time where the Yankees #1 prospect was Jesus Montero, a catcher that was imagined to be the heir to Jorge Posada's throne. Fast-forward to ...

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Former Yankees pitchers succeeding with current teams


While pitching has not really been an issue for the Yankees – as it has been their offense/run-production that has contributed to their recent struggles – several pitchers that once donned pinstripes have started the 2013 season with impressive performances.  This article is, in no way, trying to criticize the Yankees for the moves and ...

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Yankees are excellent at developing pitchers

Over the years the Yankees have received endless criticism for their development of pitchers. This criticism is based on the assumption that other teams are better at it, and that they fail to develop as many pitchers as other teams. Looking at the 150 starting pitchers in the MLB today paints a different picture. The ...

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Re-Visiting the Curtis Granderson Trade

The Yankees were fresh off their first World Series victory in about 10 years when general manager Brian Cashman shook up the team a bit by trading for center fielder Curtis Granderson. It was a bit of a controversial move as Granderson seemed to be on a downward trend in his career while the Yankees gave ...

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Yankees Pitching Coach Dave Eiland Had to Go

In the fallout of the Yankees firing their pitching coach Dave Eiland there seems to be a fair amount of people who have labeled him a scapegoat as if he somehow deserved to stay. That isn't the case, in some ways Eiland was the biggest problem the 2010 Yankees faced. Eiland joined the team at the end ...

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Yankees in the Sunday Papers

As it's been since the Yankees announced that Phil Hughes won the fifth starter job the news has been a little slow and probably will be until the season starts. So let's take a look at what's in the Sunday papers: Bill Madden of the NY Daily News proves that he's forgotten more about baseball than ...

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Did the Yankees Give Up on Ian Kennedy To Soon?

The Yankees drafted Ian Kennedy in the first round of the 2006 draft and by the end of the 2007 season he not only pitching in the majors, but over three starts he was pitching brilliantly. He pitched so well in fact that it earned him a spot in the 2008 rotation coming out of spring ...

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Former Yankees in Pictures

I was checking some new pictures of former Yankees. They look pretty weird so I thought I'd pass them along. Apparently the Yankees were keeping a lot of players from growing facial hair, especially Jason Giambi. We've got Johnny Damon in a Detroit Tigers uniform: Austin Jackson in a Detroit Tigers uniform (I like Granderson, but it ...

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