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MLB expands replay starting in 2014

Yankee Stadium 3

Baseball fans! Have you ever been upset when a play is reviewed and the umpire just doesn't get the call right? Have you ever wished that other teams wouldn't catch a break because the umpires didn't see the play, or would get frustrated when the umpire wouldn't reverse the call because it was claimed to ...

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Girardi: baseball needs instant replay

The Yankees are down 0-2 in the ALCS against Detroit, but it is easy to wonder where they might be if two bad calls had gone their way. The first call happened Saturday when the Yankees had the bases loaded with two outs and Robinson Cano at the plate. Cano hit one up the middle that ...

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Yankee Stadium will be among the first to test MLB’s new replay system

Major League Baseball is set to test two different replay systems starting next week and Yankee Stadium is among the first two stadiums that will give it a try, according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports. The system will only be tested out and will not actually be in use. MLB just wants to see how ...

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The Yankee beat: Jedi Mind Tricks, instant replay, & Phil Hughes

Curtis Granderson's 3-home run, 5-for-5 night saved a mixed start from Phil Hughes as the Yankees beat the Twins 7-6 to split the four game series. Here is our recap. Here is what the Yankees blogosphere was talking about today. Zell's Pinstriped Blog says that while the focus has been on the Yankees offense, particularly their struggles ...

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Yankees Manager Joe Girardi In Favor of Instant Replay

The play Yankees manager Joe Girardi is discussing is Greg Golson's catch in the ninth inning of game one that should have ended the game, but instead was ruled a trap. Via ESPN: "As long as it doesn't slow the games down," Girardi said in the visiting manager's office before Thursday night's Game 2. "I couldn't really ...

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Say Yes To Instant Replay

If there were ever a climax for the instant replay debate in baseball, it came on the night of September 15, 2010, when Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter pulled a “Tom Cruise” when batting in the top of the seventh inning. With one out, and the Yankees down a run, Jeter squared to bunt on the ...

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