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Across the AL: An Early Look at the Seattle Mariners

Felix Hernandez

Bronx Baseball Daily welcomes Eric Favaloro, who will write a regular weekly column this season focusing on a team or teams around baseball. Exploring other teams in depth has been something that I've wanted to do on Bronx Baseball Daily for a while now so I'm excited Eric is joining us. Please enjoy his article ...

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Is Bay a Good Fit for the Mets?


The Mets are on the verge of finally signing Jason Bay to a 4 year deal with a vesting option for a 5th year.  Everyone knows by now that I do not agree with paying top dollar for a corner outfielder unless they are truly an extraordinary talent - and unfortunately for the Mets, Bay ...

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10 Free Agents Yankees Could Still Sign

Hal Steinbrenner spoke at the press conference the Yankees held yesterday to formally announce the trade for Curtis Granderson and he let it be known that while they are extremely happy getting Granderson, they weren't done. Then they immediately went out and got Nick Johnson. This morning Buster Olney reminded us that even with Johnson the ...

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Forget About Matsui, and Cameron Too

matsui mvp

After watching the Red Sox pick up John Lackey yesterday, Yankees fans might be thinking it’s time to bolster the offense. Well, with Hideki Matsui agreeing to sign with the Angels and Mike Cameron agreeing with the Red Sox, there goes two players the Yankees may have been thinking about picking up. Like my post on Roy Halladay and John ...

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Jason Bay Yankees Rumors


According to John Tomase and Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald, the Yankees have reached out to Jason Bay's agent to express interest in the free agent outfielder. The source said Bay expects to make a final decision in the next couple of days, with the Mets, Angels and Mariners the front-runners for his services. However, ...

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Then They Go After Damon, Not Holliday or Bay


The Yankees first priority this offseason has been identified - resign Andy Pettitte. After that the Yankees will switch gears and focus on their hole in left field where their first choice, according to Buster Olney of ESPN, is Johnny Damon. Two players who aren't options according to Olney, Matt Holliday and Jason Bay. There are ...

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Picking Outfielders on a Slow Saturday

Looking over at my poll results so far, there seems to be some debate over who the Yankees should be going after. I am hoping the Yankees can land Johnny Damon and one of the other four outfielders I mentioned. Here’s how I would order my wish list: Curtis Granderson Granderson had an off-year and slugged ...

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