Joe Mauer

Good morning and Happy St. Patrick’s Day BBD readers. When I was just a bit younger I often worked in the service industries in various bars and restaurants where St. Patrick’s Day was just another work day. I didn’t celebrate or get drunk in any way because it’s a busy […]

Hit and Run: St Patricks Day Edition

Now, you may be thinking it’s more than a stretch to see the Yankees trading for any big name players this season, especially Joe Mauer. However, the possibility of seeing Mauer in pinstripes isn’t as unlikely as you might think. Reality: Mauer is coming off his MVP season and with […]

The Possibility of Mauer in Pinstripes

The 2009 AL Most Valuable Player Award is being announced today at 2 p.m. Anthony DiComo of wrote an article yesterday that implied Derek Jeter has the best chance to win the award besides the heavy favorite Joe Mauer. That surprised me, as I have thought all along that […]

Mauer Heads MVP Discussion

Before Mark Teixeira ended the game in the bottom of the 11th, the Minnesota Twins had a golden opportunity stolen away from when left field umpire Phil Cuzzi cost Joe Mauer a lead-off double as he called a clearly fair ball foul. Melky just missed a fair ball that was […]

MLB Admits to Blown Call

I’m entering this as further evidence that Joe Mauer and not Mark Teixeira, I don’t enjoy writing this, should be the 2009 AL MVP. In this video Mauer is on second base after a double and is clearly stealing signs from the Tiger’s catcher and relaying them to Minnesota’s Jason […]

Video of Joe Mauer Stealing Signs