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Report: John Lackey traded to Cardinals for Allen Craig, Joe Kelly


This just in via Peter Gammons on MLB Network: The Boston Red Sox have traded starting pitcher John Lackey to the St. Louis Cardinals for Joe Kelly and Allen Craig. Lackey was slated to start tomorrow vs. Chris Capuano and the Yankees, so now the Yankees are going to face three Triple-A players in their weekend series ...

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Across the AL: The effects of Red Sox injuries

Red Sox pitching staff

The fracture sustained by Curtis Granderson in his first at-bat of the spring is certainly a huge blow to a Yankee offense that, according to Joe Girardi, already had to “find different ways to score runs.”  While no team likes to see its players get injured, it can be argued that if an injury is going ...

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Is it 2010 all over again for the Red Sox?

Superstardom. Jacoby Ellsbury had always been an elite steals maven, once swiping 50 bags and 70 bags in back-to-back seasons. He’d regularly hit around .300, and has a .299/.354/.450 batting line. He was roughly league average with the bat, though from 2008-2009, this before accumulating 9.4 wins for the Red Sox and clocking in at ...

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Game 3: Yankees Take the Rubber game at Fenway; Granderson has his First Big Moment

Well it was bound to happen, and in the rubber game of the series it did, the Yankees and Red Sox needed extras to determine this one. The game started with two clean innings to start, with John Lackey and Andy Pettitte looking on top of their game. Andy ran into a little trouble in ...

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Checking in on the Red Sox


So the Red Sox have signed both John Lackey and Mike Cameron.  In general, I think Lackey is a good pickup (although I think he would have been even better for the Mets, but they're apparently more interested in overpaying Jason Bay).  The Sox gave Lackey fair market value and as a mid-rotation starter, he ...

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If Sox Get Lackey, Yanks Shouldn't React Strongly


Via MLBTR, John Lackey has apparently taken a physical for the Red Sox, a sign that they could be close to a deal. If this is true, the Yankees should not, I repeat, should not react strongly and make a splash just for the sake of making a splash. The last time that happened, the Sox ...

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Cashman To Meet with John Lackey's Agent


According to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, Brian Cashman is going to meet with John Lackey's agent Steve Hilliard during the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis today. The Yankees have been connected to Lackey throughout this offseason, but they are not expected to make an offer which would probably start at AJ Burnett's five-years and $82 million ...

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Answering the Tough Questions About the Yanks’ Offseason

George A. King III wrote a story on all the buzz surrounding the Yankees this offseason at the Winter Meetings early this morning. And he’s very correct. He listed several hypothetical questions that needed answering, so I decided to weigh in. Are they getting Roy Halladay? I say yes. There’s a reason why every non-Yankee fan in ...

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