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Girardi frustrated after last night’s game

Joe Girardi 11

Last night's Yankees game irritated many Yankees fans (myself included), but no one was more irate than Joe Girardi. How do I know Girardi was the angriest of them all? He was ejected for arguing a pitch at Brett Gardner's ankles (rightfully so) and gave Laz Diaz his money's worth (again, rightfully so). His anger melted into frustration ...

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Yankees dealing with confrontational umpires

These umpires are getting out of control. First, Russell Martin has to deal with Laz Diaz, who refused to let him throw new balls back to the mound because he hadn't earned the right. Now, Joe Girardi and hitting coach Kevin Long have a run in with Bob Davidson, who Girardi accused of goading them ...

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No fines issued to Martin or Diaz

In a bizarre scene earlier in the week, Yankees catcher Russell Martin called out home plate umpire Laz Diaz after the umpire told him that he had to earn the privelidge to throw the ball back to the pitcher when a new ball was put into play. It certainly seemed odd and potentially something that Diaz ...

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Russell Martin calls out umpire Laz Diaz in a bizarre exchange

In one of the more bizarre things that I've seen happen on the baseball field, home plate umpire Laz Diaz wouldn't let Russell Martin throw the ball back to his own pitchers whenever a new ball was put into play last night. Naturally, Martin was a bit steamed after the game. "He told me I had ...

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