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Pictures of Mark Teixeira’s wife Leigh Teixeira

Here are pictures of Mark Teixeira's wife Leigh Teixeira. She keeps a pretty low profile as most of these pictures are from 2009 or earlier.

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Happy Valentine's Day: Pictures of Mark Teixeira's Wife Leigh Teixeira

As part of our Valentine's Day series, we present to you Mark Teixeira's wife, Leigh Teixeira.

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Happy Valentine's Day from BBD

In celebration of Valentine's Day, I thought it would be a good idea to run a special series today. So every hour today we're going to run a collection of pictures of Yankees' wives and girlfriends. There are 10 in total. Here is the schedule: 10:00 am: Derek Jeter's girlfriend, Minka Kelly 11:00 am: AJ Burnett's wife, Karen ...

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