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What potential roster moves could the Yankees make?

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With Mark Teixeira coming off the disabled list on Friday and David Robertson coming off  on Tuesday, the Yankees have to make some roster moves to put their players back on the field. The question lingering is, who would get sent down for Teixeira and Robertson? Mark Teixeira: For the purpose of this exercise, Yangervis Solarte is ...

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Beltran sits after flipping over right field wall


When Carlos Beltran was asked if he'd think he'd be able to play tonight after flipping over the right field wall in last night's 10-2 victory over the Rays, Beltran said he'd have to see how he felt in the morning. Almost 24 hours  since the incident happened, Beltran is out of the Yankees lineup and feeling ...

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Injury Report: Teixeira, Robertson, Roberts

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Here are a few updates on the injury front of things as the Yankees prepare for tonight's game against the Rays: Mark Teixeira: Teixeira played three innings in an extended Spring Training game. For those wondering about Teixeira's stats during the game, he had two walks and a strikeout. Teixeira reported no problems with his hamstring after ...

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Yankees look promising as they enter their first off day

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It's hard to believe, but after the two embarrassing games in Houston, the Yankees are 7-4, entering their off day with a 7-6 record and in a three way tie for first place with the Tampa Bay Rays and the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League East. The Yankees have had their fair share ...

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Derek Jeter has scheduled day off

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If you were hoping to see Derek Jeter and today was the only game you were going to this season, then you'd be out of luck--Jeter is sitting out. Manager Joe Girardi understands fans want to see Jeter in his final season, but he also has to focus on Jeter's health and well being. "I have to ...

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MLB will not suspend Pineda but will talk to Yankees

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Well, it looks like the Michael Pineda pine tar story has one final chapter before we can put the story to rest. Joe Torre (who is the vice president of baseball), spoke to Brian Cashman and the Yankees earlier today regarding the pine tar issue from last night. Torre said Pineda will not be suspended and ...

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David Robertson goes on DL with groin strain


This was actually the most surprising news of the day for the Yankees: David Robertson will go on the DL with a Grade-1 groin strain. Joe Girardi said Robertson pulled his groin during yesterday's 6-4 win over the Blue Jays, but he didn't say anything until he came into work on Monday morning. Shawn Kelley will ...

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Mark Teixeira goes on the DL with hamstring strain

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Four days into the season, the Yankees have put their first everyday player on the disabled list. Mark Teixeira was sent to the DL with a hamstring strain, although the Yankees haven't sent him to get an MRI as of yet. Teixeira expects to be back within the next fifteen days, but this wasn't the start ...

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