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Checking in on the Red Sox


So the Red Sox have signed both John Lackey and Mike Cameron.  In general, I think Lackey is a good pickup (although I think he would have been even better for the Mets, but they're apparently more interested in overpaying Jason Bay).  The Sox gave Lackey fair market value and as a mid-rotation starter, he ...

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Forget About Matsui, and Cameron Too

matsui mvp

After watching the Red Sox pick up John Lackey yesterday, Yankees fans might be thinking it’s time to bolster the offense. Well, with Hideki Matsui agreeing to sign with the Angels and Mike Cameron agreeing with the Red Sox, there goes two players the Yankees may have been thinking about picking up. Like my post on Roy Halladay and John ...

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Cameron No Longer an Option?


Word on the "street" is that Mike Cameron is close to signing a multi-year deal with the Chicago Cubs (h/t RAB). While this is good for Cameron and the Cubs, it is not good for the Yankees. Cameron was a possible option for the Yankees' 2010 outfield and now it appears the Yankees will not ...

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Then They Go After Damon, Not Holliday or Bay


The Yankees first priority this offseason has been identified - resign Andy Pettitte. After that the Yankees will switch gears and focus on their hole in left field where their first choice, according to Buster Olney of ESPN, is Johnny Damon. Two players who aren't options according to Olney, Matt Holliday and Jason Bay. There are ...

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Who Does Make Sense for the Yankees?


After two different posts about why certain players don’t make sense for and don’t fit on the 2010 Yankees, I thought I’d tackle the people I do think make sense for the Yankees moving forward. First, is Mike Cameron. I’ve already touched on this scenario so I’ll just do some quick hits as to why Cameron ...

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Running Down a Possible Free Agent Scenario

In the coming weeks, the Yankees will have a lot of decisions to make. As Rob discussed last night, the Yankees have seven free agents to be. For this article, I will be focusing on two of them: Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon. First let me say this: we as fans, and the front office should ...

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