Nick Johnson

Yankee fans will undoubtedly remember Nick Johnson from his previous stint with the Yankees, not to mention his years in the minors when he enjoyed the “first baseman of the future” label.  Johnson is, in some ways, a pretty divisive player because, well, he likes to draw walks.  I mean, he […]

2010 Player Previews: Nick Johnson

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The vacancy in left field has been the primary discussion topic for Yankee fans lately, and Brian Cashman added fuel to the fire today by telling Pete Caldera that the roster is nearly set. He also told Chad Jennings that he is currently searching for a right-handed bat for the […]

The Case for Jonny Gomes

Last season, everyone knew the Yankees wanted to sign 2 pitchers.  The first one was obvious: CC Sabathia.  There was debate about who the second one should be, but in the end, most people agreed it came down to 2 choices: AJ Burnett or Derek Lowe. Burnett was coming off […]

Don't Pay for the Past

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If Twitter had a ‘like’ button, I would definitely have liked Buster Olney’s tweet this morning. If Johnson passes physical,NYY will move on to next targets — definitely a starting pitcher, and quite possibly Mark DeRosa, if $ are right I like all three points he makes. The Nick Johnson […]

Yanks to Sign Johnson, Next Up DeRosa?