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A Seinfeld-Themed Look at the 2013 MLB Season


“You want to talk about hotels, or you want to win some baseball games?” George Costanza asked a youthful Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams in wake of the Yankees’ 1996 World Series win. “That is one magic loogie,” exclaimed Jerry as he discounted the inaccurate story of Keith Hernandez spitting on Kramer and Newman. “You know, George, ...

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YES MEN: The Yankees Broadcast Team 2012

Baseball announcers can sometimes be like a part of your team. We spend so much time listening to their descriptions and accounts of the game, their opinions and their stories that we equate their voices with the team on the field. The team may change from season to season, but many announcers are there in ...

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Classic Yankees: Paul O’Neill

George Steinbrenner gave him the nickname “The Warrior.” His last game at Yankee Stadium, Game 5 of the 2001 WS, was marked by fans chanting his name, reducing Paul O’Neill to tears. His arrival, along with that of Jimmy Key and Wade Boggs in 1993, helped end a streak of four consecutive losing seasons. By bringing ...

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Paul O’Neill To Increase Time on YES

Via Neil Best of Newsday: [Paul O'Neill] has been popular among viewers since he started broadcasting soon after retiring. But he has determinedly refused to make it a full-time second career. There was too much catching up to do on family time back home near Cincinnati and too little taste for ...

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Read: Orioles Similar to Early 90′s Yankees to Showalter

Via the NY Post: Maybe it is not a mirror image, but Buck Showalter admits becoming manager of the Orioles feels a bit like when he once became manager of the Yankees. "It does [resemble it] a little bit," Showalter said yesterday in The Bronx. "[There are] some similarities."Showalter has returned to the AL East after a ...

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