Pedro Martinez

Tonight could be a good night. A very, very good night for Yankees fans. The stage is set. Two postseason poised pitchers, Andy Pettitte and Pedro Martinez, set to duke it out. For the Yankees, a World Series ring is on the line. For the Phillies, a chance to extend […]

Pregame Talk: World Series Game 6

On a day when the other New York newspapers are concerned with silly little things like government elections, the New York Post doesn’t bother with that. Instead they put Pedro Martinez in a diaper on their front cover because he is the “most influential man ever to walk into Yankee […]

More Trash Talk from the Post

Via Sam Borden: Charlie Manuel announced on a radio show this morning that Pedro Martinez will be his Game 2 starter, a move which should make for terrific theater and unbelievable amounts of second-guessing if it doesn’t work out. Some Phillies fans are thinking Cole Hamels, last year’s World Series […]

Manuel: Pedro is Game 2 Starter