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10 Starters the Yankees Can Sign if They Fail to Get Cliff Lee

We've already taken a look at left handed relief possibilities that the Yankees could sign this offseason. It is possible that the Yankees don't sign Cliff Lee this offseason thought and if that happens scrambling to find another starter will become a bigger issue. Here are the top 10 candidates the Yankees could turn to ...

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Cano Starting Pedro to Yankees Rumors


For some reason the Daily News sent reporter Christian Red to a golf course in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic where he spoke with Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano who likes the idea of the Bombers brining in free agent Pedro Martinez. "I say he's got some more in him. He'd be good (with the Yankees), especially ...

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Pregame Talk: World Series Game 6

Tonight could be a good night. A very, very good night for Yankees fans. The stage is set. Two postseason poised pitchers, Andy Pettitte and Pedro Martinez, set to duke it out. For the Yankees, a World Series ring is on the line. For the Phillies, a chance to extend the series and ...

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More Trash Talk from the Post


On a day when the other New York newspapers are concerned with silly little things like government elections, the New York Post doesn’t bother with that. Instead they put Pedro Martinez in a diaper on their front cover because he is the “most influential man ever to walk into Yankee Stadium.”

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Game 2 of the World Series: Open Thread

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by Bronx Baseball Daily as the Yankees take on the Phillies in Yankee Stadium for game 2 of the 2009 World Series. The Yankees are trying to tie the series at one apiece after running into a very hot Cliff Lee last night. There were some frustrating points to that ...

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Pedro Martinez’ Stats Against the Yankees or Who’s Your Daddy?

Pedro Martinez and the Yankees certainly have a long history together. In fact, Pedro has started more games against the Bombers than any other team in the majors. The thing is, we’re talking about a first ballot hall of famer here so as you would expect his numbers against the Yankees are, for the most part, ...

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Manuel: Pedro is Game 2 Starter


Via Sam Borden: Charlie Manuel announced on a radio show this morning that Pedro Martinez will be his Game 2 starter, a move which should make for terrific theater and unbelievable amounts of second-guessing if it doesn’t work out. Some Phillies fans are thinking Cole Hamels, last year’s World Series star, should be starting this game. I ...

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